Bot Creation

Posted November 14, 2016 by Cathy Schneider

At this point in production, we are focused on creating more game content, and lead artist, Chris Claflin, is working on new bots to prowl the mines. This is a long process which starts with very simple sketches to get people talking. With feedback and ideas from the team, Chris takes the bot through different basic concepts thinking about functionality and movement. A concrete design will emerge and more detailed concept art is created. The concept art becomes the pattern for a basic 3D model. Instead of detailing it then, animations for various behaviors are created to make sure the shape is functional and can accomplish what was envisioned. Are the arms too long for this type of attack? Are the joints correctly placed? This back and forth between design and animation is important to creating a bot that feels fun to play against. Imagine if Blades had arms that seemed to magically grow; it would take away from the impact of the charge. After functionality is finalized, the 3D model goes in for art details and then polish. The many iterations on a bot are very important to achieving the high quality version you blow to pieces in game.

Here is the concept art for our newest bot, now in the details and polish stage, which will be added to the upcoming backer demo. You can see the basic concepts evolving into the detailed design that is the foundation of the 3D model. We haven’t come up with a name that sticks; if you have any ideas, please let us know!

From Chris Claflin, Lead Artist:


Bot concept with claws