Cryochambers in Development

Posted February 7, 2017 by Cathy Schneider

From Victor Duarte, Artist:

The Cryochamber in Overload is similar to the Hostage room from Descent. It is meant to be cold and sterile.  The room was initially created by Luke. Chris then painted over the rough geometry to give us a better sense of what the finished room should look like.  Chris will usually make concepts for textures and props to ensure there is a cohesive look to the game.  Below are various images of concepts and models that are being worked on to flesh out the environment.


The high-poly model is used to generate details that only appear in the textures, as well as designate where the various texture colors appear on the low-poly model.

For the cryotube material, I used a combination of four texture maps in a standard Unity shader.

Here is the final textures added to the model.  We will add more details to the blue screens later.