Developer Update: Energy Centers

Posted November 28, 2016 by Cathy Schneider

From Victor Duarte, Artist:

The Energy Center is a great example of how we work together as a team to create the look of Overload.  We use concepts and paint-overs from Chris to set the mood and give us a starting point.  As I make textures available for Luke and Dan, they make additional requests for texture patterns or 3D decals to help flesh out their environments.  We’re in constant communication, providing feedback and critiques to come up with something we’re all excited about.

Original Energy Center Concept from Chris:


The concept helps me to identify the types of materials and decals I’ll need to make.

Wall Material 3D Model:


Rather than use 2D patterns for textures, I prefer to model them in 3DS MAX so I can have more control over bevels and edges.

Material Graph:


I use Substance Designer to bake texture maps and make materials.

Individual Texture Maps:


Each material consists of at least 4 texture maps, each texture defines different properties of the material.  Two of the textures are combined in Substance before importing to Unity.  Any emissive areas would require an additional texture map.

Final Material:


Material Set:


All material sets are based on concepts and requests from Luke and Dan.

Final Energy Center:

Luke uses the materials and decals I’ve made and adds lighting and VFX to bring the Energy Center to life.