Development in Action

Posted February 22, 2016 by Cathy Schneider

Development of a game like Overload is intense.  Developers spend a huge amount of time going over every addition, testing and balancing things to give the best finished product.  While it might not look action-packed, there are a lot of small changes that add up to significant gameplay.  One of the tools that help create the look and feel we love is our customized level editor.  Watch as lead designer, Luke Schneider,  works on the editor to create prototype levels for Overload.  It’s a great peak at what the customized editor is about and how it creates levels with the right feel.





Here, Luke prototypes two new weapons for Overload.  The flak cannon and creeper are only options at this point and might not make it into the game.


Don’t worry, we sped up the videos for you.