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I have developed a configuration for standard controllers that can do all the flight movements at the same time. I can tricord without an issue.

The sacrifice is the functions associated with Descent such as dropping proxies, firing flairs, rear view etc. For these functions, you have to use the a,b,x,y button combos. So dropping a bomb would be double tap A to drop one bomb. It’s not a good tactic when you are spending a lot of time on proxies. When you do this, you are taking your thumb off the aim stick to drop proxies or checking your rear view. That’s not a good idea in a dogfight or an intense 1v1.

The configuration for standard controllers is clunky. However, doable.

PS. If you want to play on a controller, get an Xbox One Elite controller. It’s a no-compromise gamepad solution for Descent/Overload/6Dof. This is what I use.