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I’m sad to hear that the Revival experiment is over, although I’m glad that they gave us Overload, pretty much everything I ever hoped for in a modern Descent game. So thank you, Revival, for that. I was hoping that we might see another Freespace-style game in the future, if not a sequel to Overload, but that looks unlikely now.

I found it very frustrating to see so few professional reviews of Overload. None of the main sites that I visit reviewed it, many didn’t even mention that it had been released. This is the reality of the industry now, there are more games than ever being released and yet most gaming outlets concentrate on the same handful of popular titles. If they cut their Destiny, PUBG, Fortnite and <insert latest top seller> content down by 20% they’d be able to review dozens more indie games instead. I’ll be even more frustrated if Descent (2019) gets the kind of coverage that Overload missed out on simply because it has publisher backing.

Anyway, I feel confident that Overload will be seen in the future as an overlooked classic, with people wondering why it didn’t do so well. Sadly I’m afflicted with an appreciation of games that fall outside the mainstream, so I’m used to this dagger-to-the-heart where games I love often fail to perform commercially. Then again, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thanks Revival, you made a modest number of people extremely happy.