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Is this also so in the final game (please no!)?

If so it is no wonder I get killed everytime I play Overload. Because I use the AB *constantly* while fighting just like I do in D3 (where the Phoenix was my weapon of choice because of the speed and agility). If I cannot use weapons and the AB at the same time in Overload then… I just can’t believe this. Why then have the AB at all? Please say it is not true 🙁 – if it is you won’t see me playing Overload much.

Descent 3 had the best flight mechanics of all of the Descent series. That’s reason I’m still playing D3 in 2019. The faster turn rate in Overload I have no issue with, m almost used to now.

But an AB that disables weapons if used? What? No way! Try telling the F35 pilots that they cannot use weapons while using their AB. It hilarious!