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I’m genuinely surprised you’re running the game on a GTX 645. That card is 7 years old!

Sorry, but I hear that kind of comment a lot from other gamers and it’s usually condescending. Not everyone has gaming system upgrades in their budgets and I consider myself fortunate to have acquired my current system used from a friend.

Regardless of its age, my system does meet or exceed the published system requirements for Overload, so it should not be surprising that Overload runs on my system. The Revival created levels and most of the DLC levels all run smooth as glass.

The situation is what it is and I’m not expecting developers to re-optimize their levels. Apparently I am the only one experiencing lower frame rates in Opception and I can live with that. I did play around with the graphics and found the level is playable if I turn down/off all the graphics options and set the in-game resolution to 800 X 600. Eventually I will get newer hand-me-down hardware.

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