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    When I’m using the thunderbolt in CM, I want to press a key knowing I’ll switch to the crusher and NOT the reflex! I know most people won’t be willing to bind all 16 weapons to 16 buttons, but let us bind our favorites.

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    I second this request, it would be very nice to have that option.

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    Hmmm, or even the ability to set which weapon is preferred for a shared key would be nice, either as an alternative or as an addition to the above request.

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    I am also strongly in favor of this. I posted a similar thread about a year ago With some suggestions (Raptur had some great ideas too). Even a year later I’m still occasionally getting the wrong weapon at a critical moment. It’s actually become worse since the system to select our upgrades in CM went in. That needs a lot of work too.

    Anyway, here’s a link to that old thread. After re-reading it I think the ideas there are still just as useful since no changes have been made to that part of the game since then.
    finer control over weapon selection

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    Yes Please, I think the same thing all the time.

    Primary/Secondary auto select lists would be good too.

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    YES PLZ I requested that some time ago too.

    Secondary Auto-Select options?

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    All you really need is for the one key to always select its first weapon first, instead of going for the one you used most lately. That way you know a double tap on 1 will always get you cyclone (for example).

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