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    I encountered a minor challenge mode bug in Insane+ Caverns Countdown, 3 of the first 5 robots I fought were super wyverns and no warning message preceded them. A rather nasty start to the round especially when combined with 3 reavers 😛 . So far I haven’t seen the bug reappear at this magnitude, though unannounced supers might’ve slipped their way into other rounds.

    The only clue to its cause is in my previous round during my death roll, a robot died at the very split second the game faded to black and went to the menu. The robot’s death could’ve been a cue to spawn 3 supers, and since the round ended right there the supers ended up on the next round. Kind of like the leftover explosions bug when you play a challenge multiple times.

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    found the problem 😛

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