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    I have several Spacetec/Labtec/3Dconnexion 6DOF input devices I use with various CAD systems and 6DOF games. I am having trouble mapping the axes as the secondary controller in Overload. I can’t seem to isolate the axis motion sufficiently so I keep remapping a previously assigned axis to a different motion.

    Is there a way to manually edit the axis assignments where I can type in the axis number rather than move the axis on the device?

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    Not sure this will help, but you could try increasing the deadzone by alot temporally while mapping the axis, then switch it off. Even with other games mapping this way is tricky as it’s difficult to just move one axis at a time. Please post any problems you may have with yaw.

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    Second what hypersonic said, try maxing the deadzone while mapping then switch back. Did this work at all?

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    It appears that PyroJockey went AFK for a bit. I’ve tried setting the deadzone to largest and it made it much easier to map axis as you have to push quite a bit farther to activate. Perhaps while in the axis mapping screen it could automatically have a high deadzone, or a checkmark to increase the deadzone just for axis mapping.

    The Direct Input driver for these devices seems to have issues though, such as yaw left is faster than yaw right (verified this in multiple games) and might not use the full 10bits of precision with Direct Input. It doesn’t appear that 3DConnexion has any interest in supporting the Direct Input driver either.

    However RawInput works great and you don’t need a driver to use it. You get the full 10bits of precision and you can use 2 or more controllers at the same time giving one 12 or more axis (can’t do that with their DI driver.) One to control 6DOF of the pilot’s head, and the other to control 6DOF of the ship allowing one to do VR w/o a headset (well minus the stereographic effect unless you use 3D glasses.) It would be awesome if Overload supported RawInput!

    If only these devices had much stiffer springs, had a non-slip grip, and were clamped to the desk, they could be quite competitive. In their current state though they leave much to be desired. It’s quite a challenge developing a quick and light touch with very little spring feedback resistance. They differ from joysticks in that they have very little throw, making stiff springs critical.

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    Wow – I have no idea how you do that. I bought a Space Mavigator, specifically to test it in 6DOF games, and evaluated it as “slightly worse than bloody useless”. As a result, I believe it to be Highly Suboptimal for anything other than strategy games, which use a 3D map.

    It is utterly perfect for 3D apps though – which is what it was designed for – and I absolutely love it in SketchUp and Google Earth.

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    Sad to hear it isn’t supported well. I use one all the time at work and had been thinking about the potential use here.

    Off topic, but I spotted one of the 3Dconnexion devices on the Syfy show The Expanse (surprising good show in this era of Syfy). In one of the scenes when the Rocinante was docking the pilot using it. Apparently the set designers though they would work well too.

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