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    After seeing the latest drop I knew I had to do something to keep myself pining for early 2018. And hearing the amazing variety of music in this game again — especially Allister’s latest track on Blizzard — I knew I had to write something that was along the same lines as all of it. Somehow. 😛
    Now I’m a firm believer that having lyrics in game music doesn’t detract from the game’s experience if they’re well written and performed in an appropriate way. After all, they’re not so different from voice acting. I also have this wonderful sample set of a harp that I had never gotten around to using before. Combining that with electronica, rock, orchestral, whatever-Lyris-is, and slow, alien-sounding lyrics that evoke more than state a feeling of the great unknown (whatever that is) was, once I thought about it, the obvious way to go.

    The song is called Breathe. It’s a tribute to the colourful, processed sounds; dark, refined environments, and gritty oily smoky code under the engine that is Overload; and to everyone who is, right now, pouring their soul into putting that together.

    Vertigo Fox – Breathe

    Lyrics, if you want to call them that:
    You’ve come too far
    Out here you can’t hear a thing
    You’ve come too far
    Out here you can’t hear me sing
    So move, move until you stop
    Keep moving, forward till you stop
    Others come, come inside
    Others come, come to sleep or to die, I said

    How are you breathing?
    You can’t breathe here
    How can you be moving
    Where you cannot be breathing?
    If you must breathe, then breathe quietly
    Or I choke off your air

    I said silence
    Shadows, you have two
    I said

    You’ve come too far
    Into airless dark
    Out here you can’t hear me singing
    Singing of

    (It’s so easy to stop pining but pining wouldn’t be pining if you didn’t pine. So keep pining. Does it still look like a word?)

    Ship’s cat, MPSV Iberia
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    Good stuff! I have been lurking this site for sometime, but just registered to give my thumbs up. I like the Descent vibe in this one – dark and ambient. Lyrics are fine here, and not obtrusive – although I personally prefer instrumental tracks to go with my gaming 🙂

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    Awesome music as usual, and I 101.4% support your lyrics — and how you’ve worded your philosophy about them. Great tunes!

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