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    Hello team,

    First of all your site kicks butt! I am going through and my own site and completely rebuilding it and finding a ton of my own bugs. Having said that there are few minor issues on your site, which are super easy to clear up. I am basically doing the same thing on my site GameEdit.Net

    If you are interested about these issues, then here you go.

    On your main landing page you do not have the “lock” symbol despite your SSL cert. This causes a warning message about insecure content in Chrome and Firefox. IE does not seem to mind this. This is happening because there are four images on your main index page that are missing the ‘s’ in “https”. Add that ‘S’ and your green lock symbol minus warnings will show.

    19 image links on the media page are missing the ‘S’ in HTTPS. That is too many to list, but the fix is the same. Doing a find and replace in the code will pop you through each one.

    Overload Discord link not launching in Firefox. It opens in Chrome, however I would have your web designer consider having the link open in another window/tab since it does not open on your site.

    using the code in this quick reply also shows oddly in post preview. I don’t know how to fix that one. I am posting this comment using Chrome.

    Lastly, what is the Overload Database link? Is this for the future or deprecated from your plans.

    Again your site and game are awesome!

    I admit that I spray and pray… :/

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