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    Any chances we can continue working up towards the stretch goal via additional post-KS funding?

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    i missed the kickstarter and i want to back 😀

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    I’m also interestd on this, specially if they will support PayPal.

    I backed with $5 only, but for some reason Kickstarter is declining my debit card. I’ve asked on my bank and supposedly everything is in order. 😐

    I don’t know what’s happening, so in case those $5 won’t pass to the final sum for the project, I would like to back using PayPal. – Pumo Software official Website
    – Pumo Mines progress: 60%

    Luke Schneider
    Overload Team
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    Hey Guys,

    We’ll try to get something up next week ASAP.


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    Awesome I want to back the project too

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    I would also love to back more in form of Merchandising. I cannot find the latest thread for it but I would love to see and purchase an Overload jacket. I found a nice example from Helly Hansen that would match Colors (Grey, dark blue or black with orange arm Zipper). This example full of Overload stitches or patches would be cool. I know ist workwear but ist kinda universal and it has a Pilot jacket look.

    What ya think?

    Helly Hansen Bergholm Pilot Jacket

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    So it’s been a while, any update on how we can contribute to the campaign… I mean… please, TAKE my MONEY. PLEASE.

    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    We’re still working on the online store. It has been surprisingly slow-going. We hope to launch next week.

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    Thanks for the update!

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    If the Backerkit pledges end up allowing the total monies collected to reach the Kickstarter stretch goals of Overload, such as the modding support and the manuals, will we see these stretch goals manifest in the development of the game?

    Edit: I just read the email update that Revival sent and yes, they will be! 🙂

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    Has the backerkit not been funding much, or just not updated yet? I’m wondering how best to get the word out that there are more stretch goals to hit…

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    I have found much success of sites like reddit (and I’ve heard thunderclap is good) to get the word out.

    Try it out. Enough people posting about it will get noticed.

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    I have found much success of sites like reddit (and I’ve heard thunderclap is good) to get the word out.

    I know this is an old thread but this is a good point – though *particularly* good if it coincides with the release of new material.

    A second funding spree backed by a new demo / teasers of recent work would energise old and new backers alike.

    You could then offer further merchandise along with that as incentives to fund.

    It works pretty well for Star Citizen – they always enjoy a spike in funding when a new ship gets released.

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