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    Cathy Schneider
    Overload Team
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    We would like to record another QA session early next week! Please leave questions here, email me at, tweet at us or leave a post on our Facebook page (links on the header). What are you curious about? Is Victor real? How does Mike think like a robot? How does Chris come up with concepts? Will Luke cave on water?

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    Are you ready to talk any more about how objectives will work? I recall the classic “keys and a reactor” still sits somewhere at the heart of things, but how do you give each level its own identity and feel?

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    Will bots drop their weapons or ammo? Will they drop random stuff like in the teaser?

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    Have any thoughts been put into how the controls will be used on other platforms yet? On PC and XBox One there is the XBox Elite Controller which has 4 extra buttons underneath the controller and modular longer and shorter sticks to get the accuracy. Someone in the descent community that goes by B.2.A.F uses that controller on PC and he tears me up (I think 6 to 20 was final score and I use a HOTAS setup). On the PS4 side I am hopeful to be able to use the sixaxis (gyroscope) sensors as analog inputs (with deadzone adjustments of course). I would probably use tilt up/down for slide up/down and tilt left/right for roll. There are some third party PS4 controllers that have extra buttons on the bottom though. The standard XBox controller though doesn’t have gyroscope sensors so maybe the standard controller on that platform might need more help with auto-leveling or something. I only use PC and PS4 platforms though. I definitely prefer no auto-leveling.

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    I had submitted this too late for the last one, but I’ll re-post here, for reasons.

    Will there be robot generators in Overload? The purple, pulsing veiny, cubes that materialized bots out of thin air?

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    Will Luke cave on water? 😀 (I really would like for there to be water at points)

    What are you thinking about including in the next demo for those who backed at that tier? Will it have levels from the final game at that point, or is it too early for that? More challenge maps? Weapons? Bots?

    Can you give us any more detail on how upgrading works? What kinds of upgrades will the ship have? How are weapons upgraded? Do you keep your weapons/upgrades if you die, or do you have to start all over like in Descent?

    Is there gravity or not? Lava falls and flows along the ground, and yet particles of blown-up bots float through the air…

    You’ve mentioned “physics-based” gameplay/puzzles before. Any details on what that might entail?

    Similar to questions others have asked, what kinds of objectives do you think you might have? What kinds of side-objectives might we see in levels?

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    When will we see a design for the player’s ship? I am extremely interested to see what Chris comes up with since I love his work so far, and I suspect that giving people an idea of what they will get to fly might serve as an excellent promotional tool.

    Haunted ParraspHaunted Parrasp
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    Is the player going to be able to respawn if they die or is it a savegame/checkpoint system?
    If the game uses checkpoint-based respawning will manual saves still be possible?

    And also that thing Darkwing said about robot generators. 😛

    Ship’s cat, MPSV Iberia
    Check out his original music @

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    I’m happy to see another of these, but I feel as though the pool of questions will run a bit thin without new gameplay videos, teasers., etc.

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    Will the ship move up and down like in Descent, which is especially visible when the ship does not move?

    Haunted ParraspHaunted Parrasp
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    I’m happy to see another of these, but I feel as though the pool of questions will run a bit thin without new gameplay videos, teasers., etc.

    Hasn’t yet though, and the backer demo is coming in a month.

    Ship’s cat, MPSV Iberia
    Check out his original music @

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    1) I’d like to second datarunner’s question, what are plans for ship bob? I have read in the forums that some people prefer minimal, personally I enjoy a generous amount. Any chance of a slider to set the amount?

    2) Will we be able to shoot video screens on the walls?

    3) Any news re: backers with “Picture in secret area of the game” i.e will the picture be on the wall or attached to a powerup item?

    4) Anything to share re: “Story by the writer of Freespace 2”

    Apologies if these have been asked to death already, if they have feel free to ignore them, thanks!

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    Are you planning to implement some kind of Metroid type of system, where you’ll need a cooling system or heat shield to pass trough extremely hot areas? Or similar concepts.

    Sergeant ThorneSergeant Thorne
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    (heat shield or cooling system sounds like a neat idea! Would be neat to see some special effects in an area where this much heat is present, such as the atmosphere being on fire. (Thinking of the scene from The Core where the creator of the ship had to go out into the outer hull, without flushing it with coolant, to fix something. Also the scene from The Chronicles of Riddick where they were running to stay ahead of the daylight on Crematoria) Maybe dynamic/scripted level changes where the intrusion of lava causes temperatures to rise to dangerous levels?)

    -Any chance we’ll be seeing some bots with shields?

    -I always felt that the introduction of the rear-view mirror in D3 was a great addition. I know rear-view has been addressed, and video-in-video automatically increases hardware use, but my preferred method of flight in D3 always included having a rear-view mirror up, which was very useful. Any chance this will be revisited, and a way found to optimize it to an acceptable level? Wouldn’t a little ~320×240 view in a 1080p screen only give you a fractional increase anyway?


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    Will the ship move up and down like in Descent, which is especially visible when the ship does not move?

    Ship bob is already in this game. Look closely at the Teaser and you will see it.

    Prepare for Overload…

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