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    A tool to make your stat-saving and graph-making life easier. Read full description below. Or don’t.

    After some weeks of work and some months of procrastination I think that it’s finally time for release. This version is much more complex then previous one, so I will not be surprised if there is still a lot of bugs left. Please contact me if you will find any (more about bug reporting below).

    [WARNING] Tool contains some minor spoilers. It knows about every regular enemy in the game and lists all of their names and icons in some combined records/images. As long as you only save records you should be safe.

    = Downloads =

    Version 1.0.1 for Overload 1.0.1829.0 [binary] [source]

    Topics: 10
    Replies: 18

    = Woah! That’s a lot of text! Do I really need to read all this? =
    Nope. You can just grab the thing press some buttons and see what will come out of it. If you haven’t used previous version though I recommend you at least read “How to install”, “How does it work” and “Known issues” parts.

    = What’s that thing again? =
    This is a tool designed to make challenge mode stat saving process easier and to make use of those records to make all sorts of graphs and tables.

    = How to install it? =
    Download the archive with binary (see below) and unpack it into separate directory to your liking. Don’t put it somewhere you have no writing permissions since it reads and writes stuff to it’s own directory. The tool does not have an installer – it’s a stand-alone application which keeps all it’s stuff in a single directory, so you can save it or delete it from your drive freely at any time.
    When launched tool starts minimized as icon in tray.
    This tool requires .NET Framework 3.5. If you have Windows 7 or above, then you have it installed from the get go. If you have XP or Vista, then you will may need to install it yourself – you can grab it here.

    = How does record saving process work? =
    This tool subscribes to system clipboard events via WinAPI, so it will be looking for stat records as long as it’s running. To grab a record from the game you will need to hit Ctrl+C and Ctrl+A (or Shift+C and Shift+A) within five seconds from each other on the final score screen of the challenge mode run. If you have sound notifications turned on, you should hear an appropriate sound on success. You should be able to save records even with image generation in progress, though it’s relatively fast process (unless you are trying to process some 10k+ records) so it will probably never happen.

    = Can it grab something that it should not? =
    In theory – no. There is a certain level of protection – tool only grabs records when the active window is Overload or Overload Playable Teaser, and the only things that Overload window provides so far is stat records. Also stats records are validated before saving and compared to list of already known record (records saved during this run of the tool) to prevent you from saving duplicates. If you will end up with some weird stuff being saved please let me know.

    = How does record processing / image generation work? =
    Hit that big “Process record” button and wait ’till it’s done. Tool will look for files in “records” subdirectory, attempt to read each of them as a record, then will process accumulated data and save combined records and images into “combined” and “graphs” subdirectories respectively. Combined records are saved as tab-delimited text files so they could be easily viewed with MS Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

    = What all those checkboxes, fields and buttons are for? =
    – Combat, Combat (with combined subtypes), Record history, Robot stats – Types of images that will be generated. Just make them all once on not empty data set to see what each of those do.
    – Use common graph heights – Fixed graph heights for combat graphs – combined with record limit makes it easier to compare them.
    – Images scale – Controls actual size of output images. Only 3 options since making images smaller will make them unreadable and making images bigger will result in memory issues in some cases.
    – Record limit – Limits how many records will be used for each Level/Difficulty category. 0 = no limit. Will try to grab most recent records first.
    – Color mode – Controls how colorful images will be.
    – Anti-aliasing – Should text and drop pie be aliased or not. (Things like lines and bars are always drawn precisely.)
    – Save combined stat records – Enables generation of combined tab-delimited text records.
    – Clean up on generation – When enabled will completely wipe “combined” and “graphs” subdirectories. Useful after major record set changes (replace/new set).
    – Sound notification – Enables record saving sound notification.
    – Multiple threads – Use multiple thread for image generation to speed things up.

    = What do those event numbers represent? =
    Status counters:
    Clipboard events – How many clipboard events were processed since program start. Main purpose of this is to check if program is still listening.
    Records saved – How many records were saved since program start.
    Duplicates encountered – How many duplicate records were encountered since program start.
    Error counters (for each error there will be an error message in the log file):
    I/O errors occurred – This will include file reading/writing errors and directory creation/deletion errors.
    Input mismatches – This may happen in two cases: 1. When user will try to match different record sets buy pressing Shift+A and Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+A and Shift+C). 2. When there will be mismatching amounts of kill and drop records in multi-record file.
    Image generation fails – This will happen when there is not enough memory for image (GDI+ limitations) or something went completely wrong (now that should be my fault).

    = A have a bunch of records in a different format. Can I still use them? =
    As long as you can convert it to format that tool understands. Rules are simple:
    1. It should be a text file – .txt extension and plan text inside.
    2. Record parts should be in the same format as the game provides them. (tab delimited entries, header, etc. just grab a record from the game and see).
    3. Record parts should be separated buy one ore more new lines. Separator lines could be non-empty as long as they don’t contain anything that will be recognized as a part of the record.
    4. Each file should contain equal amount of each record parts type (drop parts and kill parts). Stray records will be discarded and mismatch will be reported with corresponding warning in the log.
    5. Records in file will be spliced in order they are – so records should be in proper order in their subcategory (drops or kills). Any other sorting is not required – so all of those are valid:
    kills1 kills2 kills3 drops1 drops2 drops3
    kills1 drops1 kills2 drops2 kills3 drops3
    kills1 drops1 drops2 kills2 kills3 drops3
    Here’s a couple of examples [1] [2]
    6. To substitute for missing/empty drop records you can use corresponding kill record header (eg. BLIZZARD, INSANE).

    In short – if you used Yoshimitsu’s or DarkwingDiva’s spreadsheets and kept entries separated by new line you should be able to copy/paste your stats from Excel/Calc to notepad and that’d be it. I’d suggest you to save each Difficulty/Level set into separate file though – it will help tool to retain sanity in stat numbers if you have missed couple of records here and there or messed up record order.

    = Found a bug – what to do? =
    Please report it in this thread. Provide your data set (contents of “records” subdirectory), log file (oss.log) and your configuration (oss.conf). Also provide a short explanation of your actions that led to an error and a screenshot if anything extraordinary happened (any error pop-up window made by the tool qualifies as such too).
    You can also try to find me on official Overload Discord – maniak#6784.

    = Known issues =
    – Since records do not have timestamp in them yet, they are sorted buy name right now. The tool is saving records with current date and time as a name, but if you will add records with different naming conventions the order of records on history graph may be incorrect.
    – There is no way to differentiate between Infinite and Countdown records so they all be saved together and there will be no way to tell which is which.
    – You can run into “image is too big” error while trying to make history graphs with too many records. That’s caused by memory limitations for bitmaps imposed by GDI+. This should not happen at all if you’re staying under 1000 records (which is quite a lot). You can try lowering image scale and disabling multi-threaded mode to fix this.
    – You can theoretically have the same score in two different runs which will result in valid new record being treated as a duplicate, but since the damage done by robots is a real number it is extremely unlikely.

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