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    Lander from Psygnosis wich were appeared in october 1999 from my point of view is a pice of art among the flying shooter games. For the classic 6dof game I will never recommend for battle ground a large scale room – only tonels is good for classic 6dof game. Lander is good in small tunels and in large scale room and in open ground. The tonns of physic will make your flying experience to be extremely fun. To shoot in that kind of conditions is something mindblowing expeience. I love how did the third person view camera is behaves in Lander. This camera gives me the good understanding about G-force value. Realism in sci-fi games is something rare. Lander is a Sci-Fi flyght simulator with emergency realism. For me it is exclusive dignity for the game in Sci-Fi genre (may be it is the only single case). My second favorite 6dof flying game is Forsaken. It is the only 6dof game in all 6dof history wich returned the interest to Descent after Descent himself.

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