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    Oh, a little like a TAG missile.

    Prepare for Overload…

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    They should definitely be able to damage each other. I don’t think every bot type should go rogue when something like that happens, but I think it would be a lot of fun to have a “crazy” bot that’ll just attack anything around it.

    I love this idea! A robot that will attack everything that moves! It’s area could be littered with scrap from wandering robot victims. A robot that is nobody’s friend! “Rogue” is a good word. It would also be cool, just for variety, to have one or two particularly aggressive robot models so intent on tearing up the player that they will destroy anything that gets in the way (without getting overly distracted)!

    Per Fineus’s point about not ruining gameplay by having robots wipe each other out in great numbers, I think part of the AI would be robots not firing when another robot is between them and the player. Robots beyond the player should have to take their chances (SOL). 🙂 I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was taken into account in D1/D2.

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    EDIT: I really like Callisto’s idea of the bots having a hierarchy where if a larger boss bot or something is killed, it throws grunt bots into chaos, attacking both you and each other… That may be difficult to implement, but that could really reward the player for choosing targets carefully or hunting down larger foes, especially on harder difficulties.

    Sergeant ThorneSergeant Thorne
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    That would add such a neat element to the strategy of the game if there were that depth and breadth of AI. I think it’s a great idea. @D2Disciple: When you say, “attacking both you and each other”, I think that portrays their actions a little differently. I can’t see the robots motivated to attack each other at random, but as Callisto suggested, in taking more selfish actions a robot might be motivated to, say, clear its retreat when blocked by other robots by attacking in order to get away. At the same time, in saying that I feel that their behavior should devolve only so far in relation to standard behavior apart from boss bots, unless we’re talking about unique, symbiotic or lackey bots. Still I think it would make more sense to develop/build their behavior up beyond the norm first when introduced with a boss (pack aggression, added awareness, flocking, guarding, setting traps, …), and then you would have something to devolve from without breaking the flow of the game, plus a little added fear/caution/panic with the demonstration of danger in successfully killing their leader/boss.

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    D3 Robots would attack each other if they shot each other. Doubly so if you were cloaked. In the Proving Grounds, they were far more apt to it.

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    Maybe a new missile can be added to the game that clamps onto a bot and either

    1. Turns it rogue
    2. Makes other bots think it’s an enemy

    That’s a good idea! Imagine hitting one bot with this kind of missile while simultaneously going invisible to get yourself out of trouble.

    Sergeant ThorneSergeant Thorne
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    It’s too easy. I’d like to see a device sort of like a flare or a small magnetic mine that you have to place with some accuracy on the back of a robot in a certain place (robots don’t like to show you their backs…), and every robot model has this place in a different spot… Pre-mission briefing would subtly reveal the spot with a rear shot or during a 3D fly-around, once you knew what to look for. The robot becomes an ally and a target for the other robots. I think the eyes should go dark and then change to blue to indicate the change, accompanied by a sound indicative of a circuit sweep and/or a reboot.

    Maybe a less accurate placement would wear off relatively quickly, whereas a bulls-eye results in a permanent conversion.

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