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    We’ve been told that the Overload Level Editor is currently considered a beta, so there is still work to be put into it. I’ve started to compile a list of bugs and suggestions to increase how user friendly it is. I’ve used a variety of editors overs the decades and none of them were perfect but there were some that had a number of features that made them comfortable to use or avoided situations that created unnecessary work.

    – Texture sets appear not to function correctly. When applying them to a segment they only apply the cave texture to the selected side.

    – When a door is deleted there is a red marked frame where it used to be that remains and cannot be removed.

    – Setting segments to ‘pathfinding – None’ doesn’t prevent bots from navigating through those segments to reach the player.

    – Custom CMs have no GUI unless you load up an official CM, then exit and enter the custom one again.

    – Phantom segments being marked still when undo is used? Issue corrected by restarting OLE.


    The default keybinds are functional but not comfortable for more frequently used commands. So either a way to rebind them is required or the following features changed.

    Marking with E rather than spacebar.
    Inserting a segment with spacebar rather than I.
    Joining segments changed to shift+W

    The 3D window is not very useful in it’s current form when it comes to texturing as it rotates around the 0 axis rather than actually having you ‘fly’ through the level. On complex maps this means time is wasted twisting and spinning the map to try and get a look at a surface. It would be better to allow for a simple WASD control scheme when this window is in use.

    An option to define the file directories for exported maps and saved levels would be helpful as the current directories for these files are separate and not initial obvious to new users. Being able to change directories would also be handy for larger projects that you want to keep together and separate from the default directories.

    There really should be a way to delete a decal once it is applied. At present you can only change the decal once it is added. The only way to remove it is to delete the whole segment.

    The ‘get texture from side’ function of the texture list should also copy the UV settings from the selected side since this would save some time if you are trying to align the textures along walls of the same room. At present you have to align them manually.

    There needs to be some kind of fail-safe to prevent segments from being created on top of each other or intersecting since that is a big no-no. At the very least a pop-up notification before the operation is executed to allow the user to choose to proceed or not.

    Extending segments needs to be smarter. If you have a large room made up of multiple segments and want to just extend one side, you then need to waste time selecting and joining each of the invalid sides created, one by one, in order to fix the map. Ideally, when extending a segment where there will be another segment adjacent to it they should be joined automatically.

    Selections should not be counted as part of the undo process. Only changes. At present the undo history is limited to 16 actions and these include something as simple as selecting a segment, side, entity ect.. even if you do nothing with it.

    A textbox pop up to confirm that OLE has completed exporting would be helpful for people exporting large, detailed maps.

    Joining does not currently work if the sides of each segment you want to connect are different sides. It would be helpful if you get a notification of this and given the option to split the larger segment down to the required size to allow the process to complete.

    An invisible wall brush/entity would be useful for things such as preventing edge clipping on detailed geometry, Or holding an NPC in place but allowing them to attack through an invisible surface.

    It would be helpful if we could double-click on a texture in the list in order to apply it rather than selecting the texture and then pressing the apply button. Please take pity on those of us who have become accustomed to applying textures with a double-click in other editors. 🙂

    An ‘apply texture set to marked’ button in the set texture set list menu would be helpful rather than needing to exit that window and applying the it from the edit menu.

    On-screen segment size measurements and entity coordinates would be very useful. At the moment the only way I know that I’ve made a 12x12x4 segment is by counting the number of boxes on the grid. 🙁

    Since error messages are kind enough to give us side ID, segment ID and entity IDs. It would be great if we could actually punch those figures into a tool that centres the views on their locations and selects it for us.

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