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    Okay. Today I encountered a few bugs as I played the game:

    (MOSTLY FIXED)1-The most critical one is that your ship, or even the entire game can FREEZE. I experienced this while I was fighting in Centrifuge, and in Ymir station (Outer Moons 3).

    Possible causes: It probably has something to do with debris and/or flares, or some particle effect. I’m suspecting on the flares and similar light-emitting particles like weapons fire, as I tested the flares near the beginning of the Ymir Station, where you can see the reflex cannon behind a grate. Upon firing a bunch, the game froze (The weapon pickup weren’t spinning). Moreover, I had a slight hiccup mid-fight near the 1st key. I was fighting against a few Goblins and a Golem Gorgon (Thanks Darkwing Diva), the former’s weapon particle seems to slow down the game occasionally.

    (EDIT, 23.04.2017: This has been mostly fixed. The game may still slow down if there is a LOT of emissive particles, i.e. flares & robot weapon particles, but it happens with a particle count far more than the point the game freezes.)

    (FIXED) 2-A relatively small glitch, inside Ymir Station again: The automatic door located above the niche where you get the driller cannon can be triggered from that niche, if you fly near the ceiling. Probably an overlapping trigger volume:

    Glitched area, the door behind the grate can be triggered within the hexagonal niche. Linky

    At first I thought it was triggering a secret door, much like in older Descents… somehow I forgot to check until now. Anyways, a heads-up for you.

    (FIXED) 3-As I previously mentioned in some other topic, the Cryopods remain visible on Automap even after picked up transported. I doubt this was intended?

    (UNKNOWN STATUS, POSSIBLY FIXED) EDIT 01: Regarding to cryopods: their transport can be triggered from BELOW. I stumbled upon this just now.

    EDIT 02: Probably aren’t exactly a bug, but feels like: we can see the red “lockdown” lights in the map. If we’re intended to see them, I’d suggest changing them to something more apparent, as the cryotubes and keys currently look like.

    EDIT 02 continued: We get to see the energy centers and reactor on the map, right?

    EDIT 03: Minor: Just saw a robot explosion clip through ceiling in Centrifuge.

    These are all I have noticed so far. I hope this helps.

    I’m using a Lenovo brand Laptop. My system specs are:
    Processor: Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50 Ghz with 8 cores.
    Graphics card: NVidia GeForce GTX 860M with 4GB dedicated graphics RAM
    RAM: 16GB

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    If you’re seeing Golems in Outer Moons 3, I think there is an issue. There should only be Scorpians. Just to confirm, this is build 18 right? (I assume it is, just making sure).

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    Its a Gorgon, I just made an error 🙂
    Corrected it, Thanks.

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    2-A relatively small glitch, inside Ymir Station again: The automatic door located above the niche where you get the driller cannon can be triggered from that niche, if you fly near the ceiling. Probably an overlapping trigger volume:

    Same problem in the demo level, you can trigger the first door from underneath (where the grille is with the secret area behind it). Worse, you can see the bottom of the door texture clip into view when the door opens (and slides down). Of course the demo level isn’t a development priority, but it’s a bug that is obviously possible elsewhere.

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    Allright, the particles can really kill the game, especially if they are emitting light. The game goes into extreme-slow mode, where the game still “scrapes along” but *nothing*, even any particle (weapons, flares) fired can move. The game continues as normal when the particle count gets reduced. It is especially bad if there are robots constantly firing new particles (the worst issue with the goblins), possibly “locking” the game forever.

    The menu etc. still works, I can quit the game if I need to. I also take no damage (fortunately?) since the weapon particles freeze in air as well. Nevertheless it is extremely annoying (I can’t play labyrinth because of this).

    Can we look into it?

    Matt Toschlog
    Overload Team
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    I’m sorry you’ve been having problems. We’ve just released a fix that should address this. It’s Version 0.2 Build 22.

    Please let us know if you’re still having problems after you get the update.

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    Hey Matt! I tested this out — assuming it’s a patch for the Steam version — and have noticed slight improvements. It’s still not fast enough to hit walls with more than two upgraded novas at a time (or one while firing the reflex, but these are edge-ish cases), and regular explosions still knock the framerate a fair bit. I’ve got a reasonably good GPU (R9-380X) and a decent processor (i5-4590), with plenty of RAM (16G) and it’s struggling particularly during large, fast, and complex lighting changes like novas and devastators. I’ve also noticed that the card is constantly working significantly harder than it did pre-patch, but the tradeoff is that the whole game does seem slightly smoother and more responsive.

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    Hello Matt.

    Okay, I also tested the latest build just now. The effects seem less taxing, making the game more playable – I tested it by spamming flares again: the game slowed down after I spammed too much, but it didn’t froze me or projectiles. Plus, I only experienced a few, barely noticeable hiccups where originally the game was freezing.

    Good job so far, keep it coming!

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    Hello, a small thing I noticed:

    I was trying to get the “Pacifist” achievement (I didn’t realized it was still disabled…). So I went into the reactor room of the Ymir Station. I blew up the reactor, just as I saw that I also killed a few bots with it (probably splash damage). So I simply re-started the level.

    Upon loading the level (EDIT: or ANOTHER level), I can hear the Self-Destruct announcement, but no countdown starts. The rest of the game plays normally.

    I think I know the cause: the level is still loaded in the background, even if I finish it. If, while the effect is playing, I pause the game to start a new game, the effect will still play, as I just “paused” it. I’ll test if this works between different levels (I start a different level while the effect is playing). (A few mins later) Tested, it does.

    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    The Pacifist achievement works, but you have to be playing at Rookie+. Or there’s some subtle bug.

    Thanks for the bug report — we’ll look into it.

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    Hi all, just a note to say that Shroudeye is not alone with that glitch. I was unaware of the achievement awards, simply running through the outpost demo and I was destroyed in the cave portion of the map. The game took me to the stats page to either view stats, continue, or go to main menu. When I went to main, and started a new game I was rematerialized in the very spot where I had just been destroyed. I had music, impulse cannons but no HUD. This happened two or three times in successon. The first time there were ‘bots but they didn’t react to me and my weapons had no effect on them. The next time, there were no bots and when I flew to the reactor room, the doorway appeared to be an escape portal. When I used the map, I could see all the powerups I had left behind in my haste to finish. Kinda cool but the point is I had a similar experience and just wanted to share it. Played through the same level 6 more times and never repeated that ‘bug’.

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    I’ve edited the 1st post, accounting for the latest EA release.

    However, I must add that now the game sometimes freezes and crashes completely: It is occuring seldomly, mostly after long sessions – it may simply be my laptop getting overheated… but it may also be an error within the software. I cannot know for sure, since I wasn’t doing anything specific.

    If you can tell me there is an error log located somewhere, I can find and send it to you guys.

    I had 2 instances of it happening so far:

    1-I was recording my Pacifier achievement… Meaning lots of failed attempts & long run-time. It crashed at some point after I returned to main menu… (Oh, and it corrupted my original recording of a successful run…)

    2-It happened mid-fight on a challenge playthrough on Caverns level. Not much damage other than losing a 100-150+ kill count in hotshot.. Hmpf, more reason to come back.

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    Okay, here is a screenshot of me clipping into the reactor:

    Basically you(r ship) can clip into the reactor’s rotating parts. I already stated this briefly on the Early Release drop #4 thread.

    In other notes, there is a savegame/switch bug I mentioned on a separate thread. Looks like the team is working on it, so no problem.

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