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    Chasing coward robots always felt (still feels) off. At first I thought it’s their perfect flying through tight, twisty corridors at high speed but I think it’s the fact that they are flying backwards. I get that you want them to still be able to shoot at you but I recently re-watched an old Q&A and you talked about robot personalities, in particular coward robots. They are not designed to do much damage, it’s more about the reward you get after finally killing them. And for me a “true coward” is someone who turns around and runs as fast a possible as soon as his cowardly sniping tactics (from distance) are challenged. (I essentially just described my preferred playing style ;‑) )

    Not every robot in coward mode should do it but maybe the one(s) with the weakest weapon. I think it would be just plain fun seeing a robot realizing the thread turned on him, maybe uttering a squealing sound while turning around, then boost away with his afterburner. (You already have one robot making a great growling sound when outmaneuvered.)

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    I think the purpose of those bots is similar to like when the Storm Troopers in Star Wars seemed to run away from Han Solo but in fact they were leading him to the rest of the Storm Troopers. lol

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