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    I wanted to share something that is making my inner child very happy.

    There are three video games that were my holy trinity when I first began at a young age; Descent 2, Tekken 3, and Chex Quest.

    Descent of course has been supported by the fans over the years and now we’ve got Overload.

    Tekken has been continued this whole time. I still love the modern incarnations of Yoshimitsu.

    Now Chex Quest is getting remade in UE4 by some of its original creators! The screenshots and trailer look amazing and I can’t wait to play it when it’s ready. I always loved the game’s mix of funny and serious (although when I was 7 it was actually pretty scary). That reminds me, somewhere I’ve still got the original CD that I pulled out of a cereal box in 1996…

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    Man, that game was awesome. Would love to know how many times I played that…

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