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    I think a pretty cool feature for those of us who use the cockpit, would be different ways of showing damage progression the lower your shields get. Like cracked windshields, scuffs, or burn marks? maybe some lights in the cockpit that were once blue are now red, or flashing red, maybe a kind of scuffed up vignette starts to appear around the peripherals. and as you pick up shields some of it gets repaired but the deeper your health is, the worse the damage becomes until finally *poof*

    what do you guys think?

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    I like these ideas myself though a balance would need to be found to avoid the visuals being overly distracting / obstructive. Someone else mentioned a fogging up effect on the glass which could be interesting. I’ve voiced my opinions on the cockpit before so I won’t repeat myself except to say I think it could still use some work. I don’t know what Revival have planned but I have heard them mention they have plans to develop it further.

    In an unrelated note – I’d love to hear from Revival what the general responses to the feedback survey have been. One question in particular I am curious about:

    Which mode of play is most interesting to you?
    []Traditional single player/story mode
    []Challenge mode (single player)
    []I don’t have a strong preference for any mode over the others.

    Cathy Schneider
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    Bemosa, I looked it up again today. 67% responded the traditional single/player story mode, 16% multiplayer, 15% no preference and 2% CM. Of course, those answering our survey are probably biased 😉

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    Thanks for posting this Cathy. CM is lower than I would have expected but I bet it would get higher votes if the same survey was sent out 6 months post release. Glad to see good votes for the campaign myself 🙂

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    I’m usually a fan of more and better damage indicators. But in this case, I don’t think it makes thematic sense. While I know Overload isn’t Descent, it sure plays like Descent, and in Descent, the idea was that the shields were strictly energy based. I’m convinced that the idea there was that so long as your shields held out, they were protecting both your exteriors, as well as your interiors, with 100 percent effectiveness. Meaning that we wouldn’t see any graduating damage over the course of shield wear, in that case. I know that in Overload, they call the shields Armor, which I find odd, since this feature works exactly the same way here as in Descent. But since I’m under the impression that the Armor in Overload IS the same thing as the shields in Descent, I’m inclined to say that we shouldn’t see accumulated dash wear in the course of play.

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    I would like some kind of additional feedback that I’m close to death, though. Just played for the first time in a while, and in the heat of the action it’s hard to look down to the armor, so it comes as a surprise when I suddenly die. It should not be a surprise, I should be totally aware when I’m getting close to death. The “LOW ARMOUR” indicator just doesn’t cut it, perhaps it could be a bit more instrusive? I mean, I want distracting! I want to know if I’m about to buy the farm so I can take action. Most FPS games achieve this with a subtle red vignette effect. I’d be happy with that from a gameplay perspective, consistency be damned. 🙂

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    There is some UI functionality for that, krayzkrok — when your shields are below 50 or so, two red indicators show up on either side of your reticle. The longer they get, the closer to zero your shields are. Pretty subtle at first but once you start noticing it regularly it’s a pretty elegant indicator.

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