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    While playing through the whole campaign turned out just enough challenging, cold starting any of the later levels gives you a bunch of the strongest weapons in the game + a massive upgrades. I find that especially the amount of secondaries is unreasonable, since they are abundant in almost every map. This holds true also for Cronus frontier +. The change I would make is to remove all the starting secondaries.

    If I could also ask for Insane+ to be playable in normal Cronus Frontier, I would love it.

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    I think a simpler option would be a simple yes/no to starting with gear right after you select the level.

    I for one like the starting gear, especially when hunting for something or testing a strategy, yet I do know about the cold start community (and even join it from time to time).

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    you could always fire off all of your secondaries before engaging any enemies.

    It would be nice to have an option to cold-start with reduced gear/upgrades/etc.

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    I’ve noticed also that if you unload serious secondaries in a level, the Iberia “rearms” you with almost half of each missile for the start of the next level.

    I usually have surplus secondaries when playing through the campaign, so it’s often not noticeable for me, but it sure does make it even less punishing if you did squander your ammo with the assumption that you will just continue with a reload.

    One thing that I miss from D1/2 is the BIG missiles. A mega or Shaker was a real treat and something to savor and use in certain crucial situations (like bosses). While the devastator is a nice secondary, you easily find so many that I often just have a full stock of them, or waste them on a simple encounter just so that I can pick up the new one. They lack that salivation you get when you see a shaker behind a grate and think “wow! How do I find the secret to getting back there?!”

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