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    Since the forums have just been created I figured we should make a section that answers all the questions commonly asked in the KS campaign to help the new guys/gals that don’t want to page through all the comments. The questions below were the ones discussed the most in the KS comments or were directly answered by the devs. Will update the list as it goes along.

    If I missed any common question or made a mistake PLEASE lemme know. Devs, feel free to make any changes if I missed something.

    Last time the questions were updated: 15 Feb 2016.


    Question: Gee, Overload sounds very cool. Which platforms will be capable of running the game?
    Answer: Windows/Mac/Linux as well as Xbox One and Playstation 4

    Question: What about the beta?
    Answer: Windows/Mac/Linux. Currently the beta isn’t planned for the consoles.

    Question: I read this is an Single Player game, but the old Descent games were known for the multiplayer mayhem. Are there any plans for an Overload multiplayer?
    Answer: Overload is currently planned as a single player only game, but once the game is complete the developers have stated they’ll investigate a multiplayer component. They have toyed around with several ideas so far and the community has been requesting one quite fervently so this may change in the future. Since their team is small they intend to deliver a fully finished product first and decide afterwards.

    Question: Okay, so multiplayer is a future idea. What about co-op gameplay?
    Answer: Co-op is an extension of multiplayer. As much as we like it we will address this as a future release if Overload is successful.

    Question: And when will I be able to get my hands on this?
    Answer: If the Kickstarter is successful, March 2017.

    Question: I like using joysticks, what are the plan for those?
    Answer: If it plugs into a USB port and is recognized by the computer the joystick should be able to work. Older joysticks may have a problem as they supply their data with a different technique but goal is to make the game support as many joysticks as reasonably possible.

    Question: Game pad support?
    Answer: Heck yes!

    Question: Steam controller?
    Answer: Heck yes!

    Question: And what if I want to use multiple support for joysticks?
    Answer: Heck yes!

    Question: And VR? VR is a big thing nowadays. Will Overload have VR support?
    Answer: That is somewhat harder to answer. At a prototype level VR support is possible, but further testing is needed to determine if the game will have full support.

    Question: Back to the single player. How long will the campaign be?
    Answer: Current estimates are at 7-10 hours but admittedly this is a bit of a guess.

    Question: Thief-bot? Will that little bugger be back?
    Answer: We don’t talk about him πŸ˜‰

    Question: Say I’m done with the campaign but have some ideas of my own. Will Overload have a level editor of some kind.
    Answer: Yes, a level editor will be released if the games makes it.

    Question: The old Descent games have some sweet levels, will I be able to import them into Overload?
    Answer: It has been considered and the developers plan to release one after the game goes live.

    Question: Mods? Can we do that?
    Answer: The level of mod support beyond levels is still undetermined.

    Question: DirectX 10 support?
    Answer: Yep, probably DirectX 9 too but not confirmed yet.

    Question: Wait, so the guy that’s doing the sound is the same guy that did so for Descent 2?
    Answer: Yep! Dan Wentz is back, and joined by the talented Allister Brimble

    Question: So… do I chat here or in the KS comments?
    Answer: Both places are fine, the developers keep an eye on both feeds. The forum will lend itself to deeper discussion though…

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    You are the best for posting this; thank you!

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    Hmmm.. seems that posts older than a certain time cannot be updated. Can this perhaps be changed? I’d like to update the first post as more information becomes available πŸ™‚

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    I still listen to the D2 Soundtrack…loved every song and really made the game immersive.

    Cathy Schneider
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    @MangoMon, still trying to get it worked out. I’ll let you know!

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    Thanks Cathy! I’ll scan through the AMA tonight or tomorrow and will post a new comment which can be merged later on πŸ™‚

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    Okay, some more questions that were answered during the Reddit AMA, hopefully this will be fused with the first post in the not too far future πŸ™‚ .

    Only did a quick scan of the AMA, will go into more detail at a later date.


    Question: So I heard multiplayer was just announced? That true? (Please say yes!)
    Answer: Yep! The developers announced multiplayer on 15 Feb but sadly this will not be available if the game launches March 2017. The multiplayer will arrive as an expansion pack a few months later.

    Question: Awesome! What kind of multiplayer matches will be considered?
    Answer: Currently the idea is to implement Anarchy, Team Anarchy and Capture the Flag.

    Question: What’s anarchy? I doubt it’s people running down the street throwing petrol bombs…
    Answer: Anarchy is deathmatch modes, though with many players it kinda feels like pure chaos everywhere πŸ˜‰

    Question: And the protocol? Some people constantly talk about something called ‘P2P’
    Answer: P2P stands for “Peer 2 Peer”, which is a protocol that helps to compensate for lag over a network but is somewhat harder to program. Not a lot of games use this protocols sadly, but its very popular with the Descent crowd. The developers are currently considering using this protocol again in Overload but they don’t have a firm plan yet, seeing as multiplayer was announced just yesterday.

    Question: So we’re not supposed to talk about the Thief-Bot. What about the Guidebot?
    Answer: Classified πŸ˜‰ . Some people love him, some people hate him. No official announcement yet.

    Question: I loved the originals, will there ever be ports of them to platforms like the 3DS, Vita or smartphones?
    Answer: Sadly no. This would involve contacting the people at Interplay Entertainment and the relationship between them and the developers are… strained… at the moment.

    Question: Well since some of the code has been released onto the internet people have created some Descent mods, namely Rebirth and Retro. Are the developers planning to work with these communities?
    Answer: Yep! The developers have already contacted them, though the extent of their co-operation is currently unknown. The developers have mentioned they might be involved in the multiplayer.

    Question: The Descent games were primarily focused on getting some keys before blowing up the reactor or boss robot. Will there be other scenario’s in Overload?
    Answer: This hasn’t yet been decided at the time of writing, but the developers mentioned they will get to that pretty soon.

    Question: Has the developers decided on a story line for Overload yet?
    Answered: Not yet, but they have considered a few so far. However it is confirmed that the story will be penned by the writer of Freespace 2.

    Question: So Descent 3 featured some outdoor environments. Will Overload also have some of these as well?
    Answer: Unfortunately not. Overload will only have indoor environments.

    Question: Any other interesting visual effects you can mention?
    Answer: The developers will include fog and haze in some of the levels, with more to be announced.

    Question: Will the game use an adaptive AI?
    Answer: Some of the AI will be adaptive, but it will be balanced so the gameplay will not become frustrating for the player.

    Question: Uhm… will the game have any micro-transactions?
    Answer: NO!

    Question: Very important: what will happen if Overload doesn’t get funded through Kickstarter?
    Answer: The developers will be very sad, have a good nights rest and go back to work on Monday πŸ™‚

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    Great Q&A, thanks!

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    Props to @MangoMon

    There are times you strive for greatness, to reach lofty goals and accomplish noble deeds. Then there’s the rest of the times you just want to blow stuff up.

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    @MangoMon You should be able to edit previous posts now! Please let me know if it doesn’t work.

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    Looks like I can Cathy! Will give it a whirl tomorrow, close to midnight here πŸ˜›

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