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    I’ma call it arreilds and make everybody happy.

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    You know I always thought that in overload, the armour orbs you collect to restore you’re ships armour or hull, just simply repaired the ships armour via some form of nanorobot technology similar to the repair kits in Sublevel zero. Or maybe the ship it’s self also uses some form of nano technology similar to the gunships in again sub level zero as is strongly implied in that game through items like nano crates and nanites, and how you could those to upgrade you’re ship and it’s weapons, or craft new parts for the player ships plus give you perks.

    I imagine that every time you’re ship takes damage, the damage weakens the structural integrity
    of the hull, making it more vulnerable to destruction, and that the armour orbs does some repairs to the hull or armour to restore the structural integrity of the ship, or even fortifie it to resist more damage if you go over 100 armour.

    So, if you’re ships only manner of protection is it own armour and not the traditional shields, and you need something to repair you’re ship on the fly after it has sustained enough damage, then I imagine some form of nanobot like technology, in the form of something like blue glowing nanoid construct orbs would be the go to option for that.

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    I like the blue ripple effect idea.

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    Clearly the answer is Shields, because then there’s no debate whether it’s armor or armour. Boom check-mate.

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    shields all the way! honor the spirit of Descent! and bring back the reactor meltdown alarm! 😀

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    Seems I’m late to this discussion!

    Shields or armor is fine, honestly. It was always a bit silly that at 0 shields one could flare a pyro to death.

    I just got the game so I haven’t even played it yet, but I think that the most important thing is that the defenses feel good to a player. Having 200 shields for example felt ‘invincible’ while having <100 felt like you were struggling.

    I hope that feeling is met.

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    Shields please

    Prepare for Descent …

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