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    While tinkering with the stat records I’ve come up with a couple of suggestions.

    Right now in terms of run id/info only kill records contain some information – level and difficulty. Drop records contain no run id/info whatsoever. What is worse – they are provided separately, which mean that if you save them without proper formatting (same name/same file/additional information inside) or mess up while copying you will not be able to tell which record is which and which drop record relates to which kill record.

    Here’s my thoughts on how to make things better :

    – Joined records.
    Provide both records – kills and drops – in one record. To use provided information one will almost definitely need to somehow format/arrange/parse it anyway, and having one record per run will reduce clutter and confusion. Not sure about this one, other people may find having separate records more convenient.

    – Record identification
    Add more id information to records. Namely: date and time of the run, player name, game mode (infinite/countdown – right now those look the same). Also, maybe something like run unique id or player lifetime run index, but those probably will be much trickier to do.
    If it’s a “no” to joined records, then record identification is even more important since it will help with finding record relations.

    – Save records to disk.
    A game option to write records on disk will be nice. I for example tend to do 2-3 runs at a time and alt-tabing after each run (twice right now) is not really convenient. It’s easier to save all those runs and deal with them later.

    There also a couple of other aspects of the runs that I will be glad to see in stat records:
    – Player damage to himself
    – Amounts of picked up items
    – Amounts of items spawned
    – Starting weapons / missiles

    Discussion is welcome.
    And thanks for the great game once again!

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    – Player damage to himself

    Or herself 😛

    I like the idea of having some sort of run identifier. Such as “12/6/2017 RUN 1” or whatever to help differentiate data sets.

    I also like the idea of the data somehow saving itself so you don’t have to do 2 copy pastes after every run.

    Not sure if any of this is doable, but it would be nice.

    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    I can put in a date/time stamp.

    Also, I could append the data. Maybe ctrl-shift-c to grab the cumulative data. And ctrl-shift-a.

    I’ll look into the other stuff. Nothing is hard, it’s a matter of making time for it.

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    Maybe we could provide a file path as a command line parameter, and all the stats get dumped in a JSON line after every match? Some stats apply to bot types, some to bot instances, and some to the entire match. CSV format forces one particularly unstructured format, but JSON would let you pick a structure that makes sense.

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