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    Anyone wanting to play the updated classic that works on modern systems…

    Descent Champions Ladder

    Everything you need to get back into Descent! read:

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    As one of the forum signatures here alludes to (rather crudely), one of the main selling points of D1x-retro is stability. Because we use it to play scored competitive games, it’s important for it to be consistent from day to day and match to match. Nobody wants to develop a technique that works awesome, and then the next day it doesn’t work because the game got changed out from under them. Nobody wants to be in the middle of an intense game and then have a game crash. So Retro focuses on stability and consistency as top priorities.

    That said, Retro does have a lot of new features, including JinX mode (ability to observe games as a ghost, named for JinX, who had been working on developing the mode when he died.) Really, Retro has new features that have been asked for by competitive players, and tends to reject features that might introduce bugs without a benefit to competitive play.

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    I just started back into D1 about 1.5 months ago (I used to play in the 90’s with Kali gaming service). I am having a ton of fun playing D1 and D2 with the people that hang out on the Descent Rangers mumble server (just google search for them). A bunch of great and varied skill level players there. I am near the bottom of the ladder but still having a ton of fun. Definitely check out the mumble server even if you don’t want to compete. I am not a member of Descent Rangers but the people on the mumble server also play open games for everyone. Playing D1 or D2 will certainly brush up on skills that will help when Overload comes out.

    You do need D1 or D2 to play. Since doesn’t sell it anymore, ebay is probably the best way to get them if you don’t own D1 or D2.

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