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    Or does it?

    Life’s tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid. ~John Wayne

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    Mobious, send me a link to that file to add Bubba’s ship to D3

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    Hey there,

    Just throwing my experience, Re the subject …

    After finishing Doom, one of my colleagues told me there was something a lot better: a 6 degrees rotation FPS, called Descent.
    I had a lot of fun with D1, then played D2, which I found equally excellent and challenging. But truth been told, details escape me. Also, I never was into MP, for any Descent titles, for the sheer reason the infra at my place, never allowed it.

    Then, came D3, which added more space, outdoors (really ? outdoors ?), and later Merc.

    I think I enjoyed all 3 of them equally. Sure, D1/D2 were based on claustrophobia, which D3 partly removed. What do I think of D3 vs. D1/D2 ? I think we need to reset the counters. D1/D2/D3 were all based on the same controls schema (WASD + mouse, and pretty bad mouses if you ask me) which are starting to date a bit, so a rethink is needed, here.

    D3 was a LOT better visually, but was a bit of a different beast RE. space, with more of it, and more aggressive AI to compensate with.

    I think we need to think of new D6 systems that are more adapted to modern controllers (XBOX, Steam Controller, others, of course KB + Mouse that are a lot better nowadays) …
    Those new controllers sure can dictate how constraint space combat can be, better than what we had, back then …

    Sure, D6 systems have a place on the gaming landscape, but they need a rethink.

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    I tried to get into D3 when it first came out but was turned off. The scale of the ships seemed to throw me off and I was expecting the feel to be like D1 and D2 with just more features and weapons. It didn’t have that D1 and D2 feel to me and my frame rate was not great at the time. I never really tried it past the first 2 or 3 levels.

    I recently tried to get back into D3 to give it another try but I found out it does not handle wide and ultra-wide aspect ratios like d1x and d2x. In d1x and d2x when you jump from a 4:3 to an ultrawide 20:9 aspect ratio, Your vertical view stays the same and you get more viewable distance at the sides which is great! In D3 you get the same left/right view and the top and bottom of the view are cut off to make the aspect ratio work. This is with using the -width, -height, and -aspect command line parameters. This immediately made me pause as there is no way I am playing it that way. The vertical view that it cuts off is too important to play that way… not to mention it cuts off the HUD so you can’t see what weapons you have loaded. Yes I could play in a huge letterbox mode with the sides cut off but that would not be fun to me.

    I can only hope that the 1.5 patch that comes out for D3 fixes the aspect ratio to be more in line with how d1 and d2 handle it.

    The good news is Overload has the basic D1 and D2 feel already in the Teaser (I use a joystick)!

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