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    Hey everyone! did a long-ass video of the 10 levels from the Descent demos, with some boring-ass commentary to boot. Lots of my-firsts and many hours of time were dumped into these classics from my childhood. I haven’t revisited Descent except as a conversion mission for D2, so playing D1X-Re was a blast from the past music-wise. I *think* I hit just about every room, robot (within reason — not exhausting the maker walls), and secret in these 10 levels.

    This was intended as a 10-subscriber-special video so if you’ve subbed to my yt channel (or watch this video), thanks! If not, understandable!

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    Descent hype!

    Only 55 hours put into Overload? 😉

    I’ve also never heard of the spinning ship out of control thing, probably something young you made up 😉

    And not a single automap was used that day 😉

    Robots containing other robots can be pretty cool, I wonder how difficult that would be to do in Overload.

    As far as music goes, the level 8 music is my favorite in all of D1.

    So many secrets!

    Gauss is love, gauss is life!

    You didn’t play the secret level 🙁

    Homing flash missiles are evil!

    Nice video! 🙂

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    Nope, no automap! I can do most of DII without it but I do need the guidebot starting in the fire levels. Gauss holds vintage appeal over the MD so it’s my fave gun in the series. Secret level wasn’t in the demo and flying in to check out the cube would have sent me to it so I just paused in front of it for a second.

    Thanks so much for watching!!

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