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    During the 24 hour kickstater it was mentioned an update was coming for Descent 3 that would allow it to run on modern PCs without so many issues. Possibility it was mostly an update to stability and maybe controller support, not sure.

    But it was exciting news.

    Making this thread as a friendly reminder/request for an update on this when the time is appropriate. Overload itself is obviously priority, I just hope this concept to update Descent 3 is still in the woodwork. Thanks!

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    Oh my gosh, yea. Would be neat.

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    I sent an e-mail about this but haven’t received a response yet.
    There is actually a couple of patches already available which improve the game, for example the 1.4 32-bit patch (custom built) which allows you to run the game without texture obliteration. It’s an absolute godsend on newer systems with GPU’s that don’t support those old textures.

    The thing that most interests me is getting D3 running in a window without having to mess up your desktop programs…That would save a lot of hassle 🙂

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    I’d love to see the update happen. The game does take a bit of tweaking on my end to run and it would be nice to have the option to play it without much fuss.

    Too bad with the lack of it on Steam/GOG some people will be locked out of being able to play it with the update…

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