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    I liked particularly your Europa Colony and Turnabout mixes Alter-Fox (or Haunted Parrasp in this case. What is a Parrasp, by the way? xD)

    Those mixes felt Overload-ish, I would love to play an Overload level with those tracks.
    Maybe when the Level Editor comes out, if we are able to put custom music to our levels? 🙂 – Pumo Software official Website
    – Pumo Mines progress: 60%

    Haunted ParraspHaunted Parrasp
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    XD Thanx Pumo!
    Parrasp means nothing by itself. 😀 Haunted Parrasp is a rearrangement of the letters in Panthera pardus, cause I think I’m clever.
    But I’m telling you so I can’t be that clever.

    Ship’s cat, MPSV Iberia
    Check out his original music @

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