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    It labels itself as a “parody game” (and goes for the low, low price of free), presumably to keep itself from being hit with a C&D, but it’s legit. Really, it’s a great, cartoonish take on both Doom 2 and the recent 2016 reboot – you explore non-linear levels collecting keycards, hunting upgrades and secrets, and, of course, spraypainting the walls with demonic gibs. The art direction is both cute and colorful, and very, very violent; the gameplay is surprisingly deep and nuanced, and the presentation is top-notch. You don’t have to be a fan of Doom – if you like Mega-Man, Metroid, Halloween Harry, Duke Nukem, Jill of the Jungle, or any number of other classic run-and-gun platformers, this is a lot of fun. Given the [nonexistant] price tag, there’s no reason you shouldn’t kill an evening [or several] with this one.

    Somehow, I imagine that somewhere in the id Software HQ, there are employees losing a lot of productivity playing this one.

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