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    In Descent 1 you can destroy a heavy hulk with single mega missile if it’s a direct hit. Otherwise it’ll take 2 extremely close blasts to destroy one. So essentially a direct hit does double damage. (I believe megas do 199 damage and a heavy hulk has 325 hp.)

    In Quake 1 it takes 2 rockets shots to destroy in Ogre. It doesn’t matter if they are direct hits, or extremely close blasts. (A rocket does 120 dam, an Ogre has 200 hp.)

    I’m not sure which is better though, if there should be a huge difference between direct hits and extremely close blasts.

    I also noticed that robot missile blasts actually go through corners, while player missile blasts do not in Descent 1. For example, that heavy hulk above the red door on lvl 17.

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    Just off the top of my head but I think what you’re seeing is the damage being counted twice… once for the actual hit, and again for the blast. Considering the amount of fudging that went on with weapon damage values in Descent, it probably wasn’t an accident.

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    One problem that occurs is the inability to get a ‘bowling strike’ with a mega missile. Say you have a tight cluster of heavy hulks. You fire away a mega missile and it obliterates the center heavy hulk with a direct hit, but only doing 199 damage to the other heavy hulks. Meanwhile the blast spread out the remaining heavy hulks. You let loose another mega missile and it obliterates another heavy hulk, but does only say 100 damage to the other heavy hulks due to the distance from the blast center, which are now down to around 50hp, and again they spread even further apart. Then maybe, just maybe the 3rd mega will clear the rest of them, assuming they aren’t spread too far apart.

    Perhaps it wasn’t an accident, maybe they didn’t want the heavy hulks turned into mere bowling pins!

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    You should get some bonus damage for a direct hit, but not that much, unless the weapon you are using is labeled as a shaped-charge device and you can’t code for directional explosions/damage cones. Concentrated blast weapons should just have steep falloff.

    Primarily concussive or area-denial weapons should focus on AoE and not direct damage.

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    The splash characteristics of a weapon help to characterize it’s role – these should be tweaked and balanced for each missile to fit their respective roles.

    In titanfall the “quad rocket” deals basically the same damage if you miss by 20 ft as if you direct hit, but the consistency of that wide splash is balanced by lower overall damage output. On the other hand, there’s a different version of that weapon called “rapid fire” which has basically no splash damage at all but the potential for the highest damage per second in the game if you hit all your shots.

    The different versions of that weapon are balanced against each other and lend themselves to different play-styles, I think this is a good example of nice gameplay-design.

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    Maybe it should depend more on the type of missile? Perhaps you could have missiles optimized for either direct or indirect damage, which would require situational awareness and tactic to get the most out of. Armor piercing, concussive and AOE, basically.

    For example, I don’t see why a regular explosive missile should get much if any bonus for a direct hit, other than being that much closer than an indirect hit. Something like the Mercury missiles from D2 have a lot of speed, so perhaps a direct hit would have more of a piercing effect, and thus some bonus damage. D3’s frag missiles or impact grenades would do almost no direct damage since they are AOE weapons.

    As a related aside, exploding opponents should themselves deal splash damage.

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