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    I can find the OverloadPlayableTeaser_Data
    and the read me
    None of these will start the Overload teaser ,looked for an exe found none .
    No idea what I am doing wrong , Any info appreciated …..

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    There should be at least one .EXE and IIRC a few are .BAT files

    Are you sure the launcher isn’t there? Might be worth re-downloading.

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    There must be a OverloadAugust2016Demo.exe besides three other files with “August” in the name

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    Thanks guys , Yes have run searches but find no OverloadAugust2016Demo.exe , not in recycle bin either , weird .
    I will re-download .

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    Just to be clear, the Overload Playable Teaser 2016 (released in march) is not the same as the Overload August 2016 Demo (for backers at the $90 tier and above).

    Unfortunately Stebot, I can’t really help with your issue other than suggest that you re-download it, which you already said you would do. Good luck, I hope it works.

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