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    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    We are pleased to announce the availability of Early Access drop #9, build 117 on Steam. This is our last planned drop before the release of the complete game!

    Changes in this version include:


    * Level 7 (Titan Workshop). This is the last SP level that will be released in Early Access.

    * Partial support for German, Spanish, French, and Russian. This is very new so it’s probably a little rough. Robot and weapon descriptions and a few other screens have not been translated. If you’re a native speaker of one of these languages, let us know if you see any problems.

    * Challenge Mode leaderboards contain additional data: score, favorite weapon and game time. Leaderboards reset and rank is now by score, not kill count.

    * Combo score bonus in Challenge Mode for rapid kills.

    * Steam Cloud Sync (for pilots, saved games, & local high scores).

    * Enhanced the Training Mission.

    * Hologuide can now lead the player to enemies & to energy centers.

    * Command-line Switch “-VRDisplayOnly” makes it so the game will render *only* in a headset, and not on the monitor.

    * New difficulty level: Insane+.

    * Updated enemy silhouettes on score screens.

    * PlayStation and Xbox controllers icon support.

    * New ‘Restart Level’ option on pause and death menus.


    * Removed Matcens from the automap.

    * Removed pairing for axis mapping. (That is, if you map up on the joystick to forward, back won’t automatically be mapped to down.)

    * Removed control to ‘Invert Y.’ Instead there’s a quick option inside the Tutorial Mission, and the menu option is still available.

    * Removed 3 Achievements.


    * Changed Music tracks for a number of locations.

    * Spiced up explosions a bit.

    * Updated version of Rewired (controller library).

    * Updated some robot animations.

    * Tuned camera shake.

    * Added Crunch texture compression (shrinks the game size down a bit and should help low-RAM systems a bit).

    * Made Hologuide & Automap more consistent by *only* referring to them using those names.

    * Hologuide now default maps to ‘z’ on keyboard when remapping.

    * Changed the audio for a couple of pickups so that they’re distinct from each other.

    * Updated some sign names.

    * Decrease light from secret items a bit (so they’re more secret).

    * Tutorial messages will only show up once per pilot now.

    * Faster fade-off for damage flash.

    * No more live-forever debris.

    * Change Missile Pod pickup model.

    * Renamed Checkpoint Saves to Autosaves. They are now created only between levels.

    * Sticky Flares now limited to 10 at once

    * Markers & Hologuide now match the HUD color.

    Game Balancing:

    * Changed some costs of upgrades in missions.

    * Cyclone & Reflex use a bit more energy/shot.

    * Tweaks to Variant Triton & Variant Harpy.

    * Ammo pickups now scale by difficulty (like Armor & Energy).

    * Slightly increased the health of fabricators (robot generators) on higher difficulties.

    * Robots spawn a bit slower on CM Infinite.

    * Armor/energy powerups give slightly less (20 on Trainee, 10 on Insane).

    * Enemies do a bit more damage on Ace & Insane.

    * Firing distance of enemies is now affected by difficulty level in CM.

    * Some CM maps can have more enemies at once (mainly for the more open levels).

    * Some anti-kiting changes in CM – enemies that have been around too long may change their AI behavior.

    * Changed the enemy loadout in Pipeline.

    * Tweaked Armor gain from smash attack enemies.

    * Changed center tunnel in Centrifuge a bit.

    * Redesigned Centrifuge and Pipeline a bit.

    * Insane for CM now unlocked based on score instead of kills.


    * Sliders/Throttles will now default with 0 as the middle (so they won’t need to be calibrated to use them to control forward/back movement).

    * Corrected a few errors in backers’ names in the credits.

    * Fixed an issue with switching controllers.

    * Fixed an issue with ‘Apply to All’ in the Controller Axis Settings menu.

    * Fixed some glitchy animations and added awaken animations for all robots.

    Known Problems:

    * We broke local leaderboards.

    * Drop 8.5 saves will not work, giving an error when attempted to load.

    * There are some text overlap issues in languages other than English.

    * There are a handful of lines of untranslated text.

    * We are looking for incorrect translations/mistranslations, and would appreciate help from multilingual backers.

    NOTE: This release (Version 0.9 Build 117) does not support pilot files older than one version back; it will only load pilot files from from 0.8. If you have older pilot files, you can load them using Version 0.8 Build 94.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    I always thought the beta build was updated with new EA drops, but I’m still on 114. I turned beta off and it updated to the 117 EA build.

    Incidentally, the pause on start has disappeared with 117, thanks for fixing that (whatever you did!).

    Cathy Schneider
    Overload Team
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    Thanks for the heads up! We got it on the beta branch now!

    Kickstarter Backer
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    I always thought the beta build was updated with new EA drops, but I’m still on 114. I turned beta off and it updated to the 117 EA build.

    Incidentally, the pause on start has disappeared with 117, thanks for fixing that (whatever you did!).

    It hasn’t disappeared for me. It’s just reduced. I’m also still seeing an interruption in the animation for teleporting into a level.

    Prepare for Overload…

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    Thanks for fixing the controller mapping to the way it once was.

    But still since 8.5, the rez wont go higher than 720p, goes lower but nothing changes if you go higher. Reinstalled the game and Radeon drivers.

    Still broken.

    Overload Team
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    Right – I saw your comment about the resolution on drop 8.5, but forgot to follow-up.

    For clarity, what do you mean that it won’t go up? There aren’t options above 720, or nothing changes when you select them?

    Overload Team
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    Version 0.9, Build 120 is now available. Fixes:

    * Save XP when a level is done (was getting lost).
    * Fixed problem when quit from pause menu to CM menu.
    * Reenable reading language setting from prefs file in Early Access.
    * Removed the problematic corner fans from Level 6.
    * Made local high scores work for new score-based leaderboards. Old high scores
    are lost (again, local – steam leaderboards/insane unlocks are unaffected).
    * Steam Leaderboards will show Insane+ even if it’s not unlocked.
    * Fixed a problem of being unable to play Insane+ from in-game leaderboards on unlocked levels.
    * Updates a few translations (still a lot more need updating).
    * Fixed a couple local leaderboard errors.

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    Right – I saw your comment about the resolution on drop 8.5, but forgot to follow-up.

    For clarity, what do you mean that it won’t go up? There aren’t options above 720, or nothing changes when you select them?

    On my Ryzen 7/RX 480 hooked up to 4K UHD TV @ 3840 x 2160, when you select anything higher than 720, it reverts back to 720 after choosing anything higher. Cant even run it @ 1080p

    On my Ryzen 3/RX 470 hooked up to a 1080p TV @ 1080, I can select higher than 720 and it sticks.

    I’ll try the new build and see what happens.

    EDIT 3/10,

    New build does the same thing. Tried some other games on this PC and they run 1080p and 4K just fine

    EXCEPT! City Skylines, same issue, choosing > 720p wont change a thing. It was just updated recently too.
    Possible game engine/driver issue. Will report later.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    Just info… No issues with resolution with GTX-970 with Ryzen 7 1700 & 16gig ram. BTW… Games loads SOOOO fast on an M.2 drive! wooohoo! Initial startup is a lot longer than it used to be though.

    Normally played at 2560×1440… full 4K makes text too dang small on my Windows Desktop. It’s not the Windows fonts, but most other apps the fonts are too small for my old eyes… but 2K is great! Will have to try Overload at 4K soon though.

    HOWEVER… On the TITAN WORKSHOP, the display is often jerky! (Either it starts smooth or it’s jerky till I reboot the computer!) It is NOT smooth. But NOT always, sometimes it’s smooth as glass as with the other levels… but other times, depending on what I have been doing before, it is like I’m skipping every third or fourth frame. It’s not exactly a frame rate thing, but more like it’s not syncing up… Vert sync on or off.

    Is DRM-Free version of 120 going to be available?

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    I just bought this game on Steam and testing it on several computers.

    i3-4000 laptop (no discrete graphics): It works, and while it’s not too choppy to play, it’s definitely choppy.
    i5-5200U laptop (no discrete graphics): Playable and not too choppy
    i3-4130 and NVidia 560 desktop: Reasonably smooth at 1920×1080
    i7-2600 and NVidia 750 Ti desktop: Smooth at 1920×1080
    15-4690 and NVidia 960 desktop: More or less smooth at 2560×1440
    i7-8600k and NVidia 1070: Mostly smooth at 2560×1440, maybe 40 to 50fps average at 3840×2160.

    They are all running Gentoo Linux. The last one is a virtual machine with only 4 cores out of 6 actually given to it. My eyes have an aversion to anything lower than 60fps. Screen-space does make them quite a bit choppier for me on Linux (I also have a Windows virtual machine that I tested it on, and it is a bit smoother, but not really noticeably at 2560×1440).

    I’m hoping that they’ll add co-operative multiplayer so that I can play it over dial-up or whatever we have for Internet connectivity now with my friends.

    Kickstarter Backer
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    The auto-map model that represents the player ship is still super ambiguous regarding which way is forward and which way is up. It’s a tiny thing in terms of development, but has an outsized effect and you really should do something about it before release.

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    Issue with 720p only lock with latest release.

    same issue with City Skylines, another UNITY title, the GAME ENGINE AND RECENT UPDATES.

    All others games run fine in 2k, 1440p and 4k

    with unity and the latest updates and latest Radeon drivers, if you select anything greater then 720p, it will revert back to 720p. This is a serious issue and needs to be fixed asap, by Unity of course!

    Unity has a history of this issue if you search google.

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    same thing happening with this Unity game

    Update: 4/9

    Tried DOOM, issue with res with that one too, but all I had to do is enable Vulkan and use borderless window and it ran beautifully @ 4K.

    Too bad theres no such settings in OL. Unity seems to favor NVIDIA, and thers been issues with this game and AMD cards from the get go.

    Look at Fortnite gaining over PUbG, I attribute that to a better gaming performance on a variety of systems. Games should not be used as tools to sell graphics cards or VR headsets.

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    i read somewhere in a steam topic that revival will also release some informations when the game gets released.
    some people already tried to create a overview of damagevalues etc but stopped as these values changed with new patches.


    Prepare for Multiplayer

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