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    A while back, I completed Descent for my first time, on Hotshot difficulty (played it tons as a kid, never actually saw it through to the end of Level 27). And, if I have to be honest, I found it a bit of a slog after about level 10 or 11. It was somewhat of a slow go, and while I didn’t have *too* much trouble with it, I found a couple of cheap death traps that caused me to save scum until I got lucky luring Supermechs and Class 1 Drillers out from around tight corners or in small rooms.

    I decided to return to D2 later and also started on Hotshot… D2 is by far my favorite of the series (see username), and I’ve already beaten it years ago on Rookie. By about level 6, I started encountering some of the same issues I had with Hotshot on D1, so I hung it up for a while. Yesterday, I started it back up on Rookie, and found myself just really enjoying the game in a way I didn’t on Hotshot, despite the fact that 8 levels in, it feels a little *too* easy.

    D3 I’ve never beaten, sad as I am to say that. I saw Mercenary through to the end, but by level 13 of D3 I hit my saturation point. That said, I found the difficulty jump between Rookie and Hotshot to be almost absurd, almost like going from Trainee to Ace on D1-D2.

    So I guess Rookie is my favorite difficulty setting to play on, because it provides just enough challenge that I can’t be too careless, but isn’t as slow and as arduous as Hotshot. I’m also guessing there are some here that will just cold-start any level on Insane, blindfolded, with one arm tied around their back, and headphones pounding “It’s a Small World After All,” and totally own it. What’s your favorite difficulty to play on (D1-D3), and why?

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    It’s funny looking back when I first played D1 as a kid and just beating the shareware demo on trainie was nigh-impossible. Now I enjoy playing on hotshot D1. That’s the right amount of challenge for me.

    I actually found d2 to be considerably easier. I attribute it to the much more powerful campaign weapons: alternating helix and gauss situationally could handle about anything. And some of the nasties from D1 like drillers and supers were not present. I did a tough but fair play through on ace which I enjoyed.

    D3 definitely didn’t draw as much time from me. While I did beat it and the expansion, the dodge code on some of those enemies, and the scaling of their health was annoying such that I essentially never played over rookie. In fact, my complete play throughs might have been on trainie, especially on mercenary just so that I could experience the story.

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    D3 is superb on hotshot, all the weapons work as intended on that difficulty, and while the robots provide some challenge, it’s something you can learn without too much dedication. Also, glitching robots increase exponentially at higher difficulties. For me, hotshot is too easy though. Ace and insane are great on all descents, ace being for nice challenging fun, and insane for just challenging.

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    For D1 I just managed to complete it on insane. My preferred way to play the D1 and D2 campaigns is Ace cause I think that’s the best mix of challenge and actual fun. Custom missions I might play on hotshot or insane depending on the mission difficulty.
    Won’t play at rookie or below cause I don’t get any challenge out of that any more.

    D1 vs D2 — I find D2 harder than D1 on hotshot and ace but slightly easier on insane if you don’t count the final boss itself.

    D3 normally I play at hotshot ’cause I agree with what D2Disciple says about hotshot on that game being essentially ace on the first two. On ace and insane enemies get so tough the game is just boring.

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    For all three games Hotshot. I’ll admit that D1 and D2 offer some unique challenges on Ace and Insane, and if you have the time to commit to each level, it’s a worthy play through – but it’s still going to take you longer for that initial run. D3 as echoed above is pretty much perfect on Hotshot, after that it becomes tiresome and it feels like you’re shooting blanks due to the bot armor scaling and maneuverability.

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    I actually played through both Descent 1 and 2 on insane without reloads, but I don’t really think they play best on insane. For descent 1 I’d say hotshot is the most fun, while for Descent 2 it’s ace. In descent 2 the gauss combined with energy->shield converter allows for quite a lot of mistakes, so I find that hotshot becomes a little too easy. Insane on both games really forces you to play slower and you’ll also get the occasional roaming missile robot that will just execute you on the spot.

    Descent 3 I’ve beaten on hotshot, but I did not find it to be particularly enjoyable. Descent 3 had a very limited field of view, fairly weak weapons/spongy enemies and also very dodgy enemies. For example the first robot you encounter in D3 could tank a concussion missile to the face.

    Overload on the other hand plays just fine on insane. At least the parts I’ve seen do.

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    The difficulty I mostly play on is Hotshot on D1, D2 and Overload, but I also like to play on Rookie when I just want to relax after a hard day or just casually enjoy the levels without making it boring. I agree with D2Disciple that Rookie has a perfect balance of difficulty for a small play every now and then, but when I want to commit myself to play seriously definitely Hotshot is the winner, and that’s how I usually play a single player campaign when it’s the first time (right now I’m starting Cronus Frontier+ on Hotshot).

    And much as everyone say, on Descent 3 Hotshot is a headache due to the dodge speed of the bots, but to be honest, there are a lot of things about Descent 3 that are a headache, lol 😛

    And except for one time I played D1 on Ace up to level 20 I think (can’t recall exactly how far I got that time), I usually don’t like to play on Ace or Insane as to be honest, I’m not the best player out there and at times those difficulties can be frustrating. – Pumo Software official Website
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