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    Most everything about the game is just so well polished, i love the VFX with the cockpit glare shining across when i go to use the thunderbolt. very solid and smooth experience, and the gameplay itself is just so much fun. It’s very easy to hit your target unlike descent 3, where robots moved and dodged way too quickly. The recoil and blowback from certain weapons/explosions is just really fun to get thrown around by! You know you have a solid game when the core aspect is already awesome.

    Not sure what is in store for weapons, i haven’t been able to see all the upgrades on the current weapons yet, but some suggestions for the inclusion of some old favorites of mine in the past descent games would definitely be: the plasma cannon, microwave gun, smart missile, (or some kind of cluster bomb like the cyclone?), guided missile, ^^^Black shark^^^ (PLEEASE), frag missile, Napalm cannon/missile. any kind of weapon that can bounce off walls?

    i think it’d be neat if flares stuck to robots and doors when shot at them, be a neat way to tag certain enemies or blind other players.

    There’s a smart missile in the works. It’s pretty much the same missile in function, behavior and destructive power, but with a different name of course. I can’t say any more than this. Let’s just say Overload *used* to have a cheat for the non-Challenge Mode levels (like Training and Outpost) where you’d get fully loaded with EVERYTHING. This included new weapons that are still being worked on and I saw all of them and played with all of them, and there are some seriously badass weapons coming our way in the future.

    Again, that’s all I can say though. Perhaps this cheat code will be put back in when they finish all of the new primary and secondary weapons. For some reason though, they also removed a cheat code for slow-motion, but they didn’t remove the cheat for invulnerability. I don’t know what’s up with that, but invulnerability is great for when you want to do some uninterrupted testing so that you don’t have any chance of dying while trying to take screenshots or whatever. I will only reveal this cheat code in private, so yeah. If you’re clever enough and you know Luke’s past work history, then you can figure out this cheat code very easily. lol Hint: it’s the name of a game he made. Good luck!

    Anyway, we won’t have a Guided Missile. They specifically told us that we won’t have any need or use of a Guided Missile, so we won’t care that it’s not in the game.

    We will have a Primary weapon called Reflex which is a much-improved bouncy type of primary weapon over Phoenix. You will love it.

    I don’t know what the other weapons you mentioned are like. I never really played Descent 3.

    Prepare for Overload…

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    Devastator is probably the closest to the frag (it’s in the demo) – except that you can detonate it in mid-air by pressing the secondary fire button again.

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    Got my new oculus rift set up and played some overload this past week. It was super cool! Here’s some feedback on what I liked about it.

    1. Very immersive! The cockpit is complete, detailed, and the hud elements fit well into the space. I do need to adjust my “standing” center to a “sitting” center on the rift boundaries so that when I’m in my desk chair it doesn’t put my “head” way down at the bottom of my seat making it difficult to see around the cockpit elements. Since I fly with a stick, seeing the sticks in my cockpit completes the experience. I like being able to look around my windows (especially up and to the sides) to see what’s around me instead of needing to bob my ship’s nose back and forth to see my surroundings. Since one can look up and to the right and see out a window, it would be possible to trichord and still see in the direction of travel! I’m by no means an expert trichorder, but there is useful potential there…

    2. 3D is great! Having the stereoscopy effect on robots, powerups, and projectiles can really bring the scene alive, just like most VR experiences.

    3. Lighting effects are made very effective. With the 3D space and fully modeled cockpit, lighting cast on your ship takes on a whole new direction in VR. For example, going past any light source casts appropriately colored light onto the metal frame members and interior of the cockpit, which makes the feeling of flying increasingly believable. And even more impressive is using flares in dark areas. The 3D effect of the harshly lit flares on the uneven rocky areas gave those caves so much depth that I really felt like I was spelunking!

    The VR experience is already in a really good place, and it does not give me any serious motion sickness (Sublevel Zero did a bit for some reason, but maybe i was just tired that night I tried it…). The main downside to using it is the perceived FOV reduction. But that’s just a product of the resolution of the oculus itself, I imagine. For example, I feel like robots are much larger when playing in VR – even the small goblins are plump and take up my whole view. The second issue is the clarity of the resolution. Things are just not quite as overall crisp as running on max graphics settings; still just a little grainy. But so goes it with the limitations of the eyepieces. For these reasons, I might not quite always play in VR just so that I can also experience the outstanding visuals in the fullest clarity sometimes. Maybe FOV sliders is something that could apply to VR to widen one’s view just a tad and make that difference less noticeable? I don’t know how well that works or if it looks good.

    Keep up the awesome work team!

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    I don’t know if you have a lot of folks with rifts to try stuff out, but if you need any specific function testing or general feedback on the oculus, I’m happy to help!

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