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    I was playing a few rounds of countdown when I noticed that I was getting credit for small amounts of damage with the Flak cannon even when I didn’t use it. I only noticed this when I would play the whole round only using Cyclone as my primary. If I used any other weapon along with Cyclone I wouldn’t get the same results. You can see what I mean in this picture.

    The damage was usually very low, but was as high as 50 once. I don’t recall what level this was, but I know I saw it happen in at least 2 levels. This is playing the latest build on Steam.

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    Hm i have a small amount of this damage that i didnt cause with every weapon i pick up. its not gamebreaking but it would be interesting to know what causes it


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    seconded — been around for a couple cycles now. wonder what causes it!

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    Bots can damage each other with splash damage giving you an “extra” weapon in stats

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    That sounds like a bug to me?

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    I see this with any starting weapons that I don’t use almost every run. Besides, what bot has Flak or Crusher? I get credit for damage from those when I never fire a single bullet.

    It’s not exactly a game breaking bug, just weird.

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    Pretty sure Ogre uses flak. Don’t know about crusher.

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    Sorry for bumping a month and a half old thread, but I was going to post about this one, and it makes more sense to me to bump it than to start a new thread…

    I noticed this oddity in Syrinx. I was trying to play it as long as I could using only smash damage (then I end up encountering Reavers, yeah so much for that…) I picked up the Driller along the way. After a bit, I thought I’d check the damage I’d dealt out. Interesting that I had given 1 point of damage from the Driller, when I hadn’t even cycled through the weapons to it. Even more interesting was the 3 points of damage that I had dealt out with the Flak. I didn’t even have it in my arsenal, and hadn’t seen it in the level waiting to be picked up (maybe it’s there somewhere). Also had 4 points from missile pods, and while I don’t think I used any, I’m not certain of that.

    Hardly a big deal, I know. Doesn’t affect the game. Thought it was worth a mention, but I wouldn’t want the team working late fixing it…

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    IIRC it was determined that you sometimes got credit for when an enemy hit you and splashed another enemy with their weapon.

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