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    Oops, sorry not a free game, thread can be removed.

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    “ProjectX” is a source remake of “Forsaken”, and it is free:

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    Why does it has to be a free game to show up here?

    Forsaken was really cool with the new 3dfx Monster II Cards back then. I used them in SLI and the graphical jump from Descent2 was huge. Gameplay wise it was ok’ish in singleplayer but really frustrating in multiplayer. The “bikes” were so small, hard to detect in a colorful environment and very hard to hit. Spray and pray weapons were mostly the first choice. I used Forsaken as a Teaser until the Descent3 Demo and later on the full version came out. With Descent3 on the harddrive I never touched Forsaken again. But it is worth mentioning it 😉

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    I tried the updated game but like the original, I didn’t like it.

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