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    Greetings Overload developers!

    I finally had the opportunity to beat Overload, and I must say, BRAVO! Thank you so much for building this game and releasing it so that us Descent fans could once again enjoy an awesome six degrees of freedom game. In the last 18 years, the gaming industry has produced nothing like it. I will be playing Overload for many years to come, along with Descent I, II, and 3.

    I have a couple questions and humble asks of the Overload development team…

    I have been thoroughly enjoying Overload since the early access days and I noticed a couple things that I wanted to ask you guys about. My questions revolve around sound and music decisions.

    In the early access days, the track “Discovery” used to be on the level “Skoll,” but now it is on the last level. “Exile” used to be on “Phoebe Refinery,” and “Refinement” used to be on “Titan Observatory.”

    One of my questions here is, why was a creative decision made to adjust these level tracks? The experience was so enjoyable due to the fact that the soundtracks matched the atmosphere. With “Discovery” on “Skoll,” it was a classic sounding Descent song on one of the game’s best levels. Having “Exile” on “Phoebe Refinery” matched the atmosphere. It was a dark sounding song to match a dark level. I literally had to pause my playing a couple of times to take in the atmosphere that was produced by the visual surroundings and the matching soundtrack! Also, the track “Refinement” used to be on “Titan Observatory.” That track matched well with the level. Being that it was your first encounter with the “Shredder” robot, seeing the Shredder clash its blades together and come grinding towards you coupled well with the electronic instruments on that track. It seemed to produce an atmosphere not felt in anything else I’ve ever played.

    Also, regarding robot sounds… I remembered the “Golem” robot having the most incredible alert sound when it spotted you. Unfortunately, it seems like that sound effect was taken out. One of the greatest things about Decent I/II was the sound effects that the robots made. They were sounds that put the player on edge and in some cases even instilled fear, and I felt the same way when I had heard the Golem back in early access days.

    My question is… is there any possibility of restoring the original track settings and robot sounds? If not, will user customizations be an upcoming feature to give the user the ability to tweak the game to their liking?

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    Regarding the Golem, I remember during development that it sounded quite similar to the Shredder. I mentioned this myself, and I wasn’t the only one. I think the new sound is a lot more distinctive, I can tell what nearly everything is now based on its sound effects. I agree that it’s easy to get used to something, especially when it seems to work so well in partnership with something else (such as synergies that are created between levels / music).

    As for changing things, the level editor is out and while you can’t change sounds yet, there’s been some mention that more control will be possible down the line. If the campaign levels are released, you could do it yourself.

    Topics: 11
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    I will admit though, having the track “Discovery” on the final level seems fitting too.

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