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    New video
    I made a new video, see 1:00 onwards for some of the worst hitching. This was a private match, and we also tried Syrinx, which does not lag on CM. It was just as bad.

    Overload Team
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    Hey Whiteshark, that definitely helps visualize what the problem is. We’re continuing to look into it, but a few more sort of “default” troubleshooting questions to ask:

    Are you running any middleware application to boost visuals/performance? (We’ve had multiple issues with people who were using Reshade in the past)

    Is your ping/latency consistent in these matches?

    Are you often running any other applications that would be causing CPU utilization to be high?

    We’ll continue to see if there’s any repro cases we can get or anything we can get out of the log, but wanted to get as much information as possible too.

    Topics: 14
    Replies: 61

    I’m not using any visual middleware, and I’ve tried turning virtually every software off that I usually have opened.
    My ping is indeed consistent, and it’s showing no issues in other games. Actually my network has changed after the problem first appeared.
    My cpu is rarely under heavy load. Multiplayer and Cm are showing about 40% usage on one core and about 10% on others, some singleplayer maps go higher, about 80%.

    One more thing to note is that I often see the enemy ship stuttering, especially visible in the corners of the ship. This happens sometimes without the whole screen skipping. It’s visible in the videos for short durations, but sometimes it gets kinda lengthy.

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