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    I set up my Logitech F710 to play Overload (the game is awesome, by the way), but I ran into the following bug / misfeature when re-mapping keys. I bound forward and backward to the shoulder buttons, and slide up / down / left / right to the left control stick. After I did this, when I pulled up the weapon select control wheel, up and down were bound to the shoulder buttons, and left and right were bound to the left stick. So to select the upper left weapon, I had to hit <right bumper> + <left stick left>, which is pretty awkward. I would expect the behavior to be that I could still select the upper left weapon with just <left stick up-left>. The game seems to be conflating “up in the weapon wheel” with “forwards”, when that doesn’t necessarily make sense. Maybe the cleanest solution is to add an extra option in the gamepad config menu to define how you want to use the weapon wheel.

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