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    I’ve got a weird issue with a few custom maps I’ve created. The validity check indicates no errors, the export says it completes but only produces a 1kb file. Which when loaded by the game reports a fatal error – Geometry data not specified – which would make sense if the map file is only 1kb.

    The strange thing is there is clearly an error in OLE’s output log:

    Done testing validity
    Saved level: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Overload\OverloadLevelEditor\Levels\Custom\omicron.overload
    INFO: TIME: Building deformation modules (9.6E-06 seconds)
    INFO: TIME: Building chunk material dictionaries (4.06E-05 seconds)
    INFO: TIME: Setting up adjacency and mine normal data (0.0164522 seconds)
    WARN: Zero-sum normal found during CalculateNormals for the mine
    INFO: TIME: Deforming segment verts (0.0008584 seconds)
    INFO: TIME: Update deformed_vertices_map (0.0001382 seconds)
    INFO: TIME: Smoothing passes (1.39E-05 seconds)
    INFO: TIME: Calculating final deformed positions (0.0003145 seconds)
    INFO: TIME: Post-deformation smoothing passes (4.5E-06 seconds)
    INFO: TIME: Adding smoothed and deformed geometry to submesh builders (8.24E-05 seconds)
    ERROR: Exception: Function does not accept floating point Not-a-Number values.
    ERROR: at System.Math.Sign(Double value)
    at UnityEngine.Mathf.Sign(Single x)
    at Murmur3.AddHash(Single val, Single granularity)
    at Murmur3.AddHash(Vector3 val, Single granularity)
    at OverloadLevelConverter.MeshBuilder.FaceVertex.CalculateHash()
    at OverloadLevelConverter.MeshBuilder.<>c__DisplayClass14_0.<GetSubmeshBuilder>b__0(FaceVertex fv)
    at OverloadLevelConverter.MeshBuilder.SubmeshBuilder.AddTriangle(FaceVertex v0, FaceVertex v1, FaceVertex v2)
    at OverloadLevelConverter.LevelConvertState.ConstructGeometryInternal(LevelConvertStateManager convertState)
    at OverloadLevelConverter.LevelConvertState.LevelConvertStateManager.ConstructGeometry()
    at OverloadLevelConverter.LevelConvertState.LevelConvertStateManager.get_LevelStructureBuilder()
    at OverloadLevelConverter.LevelConvertState.LevelConvertStateManager.get_MetaData()
    at OverloadLevelConverter.LevelConvertState.LevelConvertStateManager.SaveLevelAssetFile(ISceneBroker scene)
    at OverloadLevelConverter.LevelConvertState.ConvertLevel(String pathToFile, String levelDataBaseName, String editorRootFolder, ISceneBroker scene, JObject overloadLevelFileData)

    This almost looks like an error within the code itself and how it is handling something created in the OLE. I’ve had this happen on two maps. One was a simple ring that loops back onto back itself with the loop sealed by joining the first and last segment sides. The other was a box made up 4x4x4 segments arranged as 4x4x4. Sort of like a rubix cube if you follow my meaning. This also reported the same error.

    I’ve also checked for duplicated or unconnected vertices but there are none. As you can see, the level validity checker is also giving the all clear but something is very wrong here. I think it should be impossible for me to even generate a ‘not-a-number’ error from within the editor but somehow I’ve done it.

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    The situation you’re describing and size of the maps you’re suggesting here is similar to one of my own projects in the last few weeks, which was just a small cube of 16-4-16s. I think it may have to do with simply not enough segments being in a level before it exports. I was able to solve the issue by creating ‘burner’ segments — extruding out then deleting the connections to the new areas. Give that a spin?

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