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    I got to 365 kills on challenge mode, and places I picked to keep my brawling at introduced significant slowdown over time. Pointing myself in the general direction of where most of the action took place cuts my framerate in half.

    My guess is that fragments or artifacts are being left behind by even after the models themselves stop rendering. I’m not sure if it’s my system or the rendering code.

    I’m using the harder challenge that was linked during the Twitch stream. Says “Build 4” in the corner.

    punished blart on steam

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    The two builds I tested are the absolute latest one with the new map for Challenge Mode, and the one just before that which still has the increased difficulty, no persistent debris at all, and improved headlights etc.

    Prepare for Overload…

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    Can confirm with the latest version on Steam currently, slowdown after a high number of kills.

    Is it possible something isn’t ‘ending’ properly i.e. debris being kept track of, streams of enemy AI not ending when the AI is destroyed etc…

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