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    Hey, I have a question. I used to play Descent over TCP/IP or whatever it was so that I could play a really fresh co-op mode. Loved it.

    But I never actually did that with Descent II or Descent: Maximum.

    What exactly happens when you release the guide-bot in a single player co-op? Was there a different colored guide bot for each player? Or did a single guide-bot know to fly between all the players when it said “Coming back to get you” ? Or what?

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    IIRC the guidebot wasn’t there.
    But I’ve mostly played co-op in addon missions for D2, it’s conceivable that some of them didn’t have one to begin with.

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    LOL, you just blow up the door and it’s not there. Huh. Makes sense.

    I figure most co-op parties larger than 1 pyro would be pretty effective, but sometimes you even want a guide bot. I bet you are right — there must have been some Descent II add ons without guide bots. But there must have been an option in the Counterstrike campaign. No wingnut at all?

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    In multiplayer games, Descent 2 just removes the guidebot, yeah. It doesn’t matter whether anyone is with you in it – though originally it wouldn’t let you start a multiplayer game without a second player joining in. D1X/D2X lifted that restriction.

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