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    26 Jul – Purchases the new Diablo III Necromancer class and starts happily grinding away at a new char (amazing class by the way !!). Welcome break from Overload (he thinks !)

    03 Aug – Overload drops a new CM level and other goodies…sigh…drops Necromancer….back to Overload…grinds the RNG in Blizzard….all is good (or is it ??)

    08 Aug – Casually browses Steam front page:

    And man, it delivers !!!
    Gives Overload another break to play with a psychotic chick and has problems putting her down (no problem, this game is only 8-10 hrs….only a minor diversion…says he with somewhat cognitive dissonance !!)

    10 Aug – Casually browses Steam front page (yet again)….come on you have to be kidding:

    What to do ? Raise skeletons and corpses, battle it out with psychotic celtic chick, step back into the cockpit, or indulge in some mind-bending Synesthesia ?

    Answering my own question, I think I need to stop looking at the Steam front page !

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