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    I’ve always wanted to give a try at creating a map, specifically Total Chaos Level 1. It was included on the Mac release of D1. I know it’s highly dependant on many factors, but in general how can someone familiar with Adobe and C4D/Maya get a map up and running in Overload’s level editor?

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    The good news is that Sirius has created a tool in DLE (Descent Level Editor) that converts D1/2 levels to overload format so that you can open them in the Overload editor. It has some limitations but it’s a place to start.
    I believe DLE is available here:

    I don’t know much about it personally but the best place to learn more is the Overload Discord server. That is where the community is now active and there are a lot of talented mappers there.

    Best of luck!

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    Getting the map functional is simple. Converting the geometry takes 5 minutes using DLE’s conversion tool. Don’t forget to delete the exit tunnel. Adding the player spawns, weapon spawns, and lights is another 30 minutes. Decorating the map will take from a few hours to a week depending on how nice you want it to look.

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