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    It ended up being much, much rougher-looking than I had in mind, but given my skill with GIMP (which is pretty much relegated to photo-touching-up duties), I think the concept came out alright.

    I’ve always loved the original Descent box art, with it’s gritty brown and black coloration, simple text and sheild icon, and the robots subtly debossed into the background. Naturally, I thought I might try my hand at something similar for Overload.

    This looks more like something a 13-year-old with too much free time on his hands would do instead of a working 28-year-old with a wife and kid, but oh well. This game brought me back to my 13-year-old state, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

    Overload Wallpaper in the style of the Descent Box Art

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