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    I have a install problem:
    – Windows7 Pro X64, SSD System Disk (240G), External USB 2.0 Data-HDD (1.0 TB) ; ASROCK Q1900M ; 8GB Corsair XMS RAM ; GF GTX550Ti ; LG DVD-RW ; AVG Antivirus active.

    When i install the game from the DVD (reward Box) the installer or anything else hangs on, and block nearly the entire windows system. By the effects i think, it could cause by installing the game on a extrenal UDB HDD, because after reset the computer and start windows again this external USB-HDD is not available. Then i have to turn the ext-HDD off and on again to get them working.
    … Anyone else run into this problem?

    Another Question: After the DVD didnt work, i took the Game via Steam too. All is working, but i never got a multiplayer-match – i waited servaltimes for more then a hour in the lobby screen …

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